Flecainide 50mg and bisoparol

I'm just about to start flecainide 50mg twice daily. and a lower dose off bisoparol to 2.5mg , I have read some things about new drug. but best people to ask ate the ones that are on this drug flecainide. so would be greatful if anyone could tell me if this is the best drug to take for Afib, as I get episodes every few weeks. and abolition is next if this new medication don't work. sorry if iv spelt anything wrong I do apologise..

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  • Hello Gary - spelling ain't important, it's meaning that counts!

    Flecainide is what I think of as a personal drug - some people do well on, some cannot tolerate it at all. Your dose of 2 x 50mg is a low dose and hopefully it will work for you. I've been taking 2 x 100mg for over 2 years and in that time I've had no AF at all - some ectopics and some short episodes of racing but no debilitating AF.

    I hope Flecainide works for you - the peace and relief I feel is immense - best wishes.

  • Thanks for your quick reply! I think I'll try the tablets now iv spoken to real people that are taking them. and not a sisitic. thanks very much for your input. thanks alot

  • Hi Garymc, actually it's very hard to predict if Flecainide is the best way to keep your own AF under control, as it works differently for everyone. Some have found it does the trick very well, either as a regular dose or used as a pill in the pocket dose for when the AF occurs. For others it works for a while and then isn't effective any more, which is my experience.

    If ablation has been mentioned does that mean you've seen an EP? (sure they didn't mean you should be abolished if the Flecainide doesn't work! ... these dratted predictive texts lol). If so then they will have considered your particular heart anomaly and made a decision based on their experience, also your ECGs and how often you get episodes of AF, so you can be confident that at this stage they have decided Flecainide is the best medication for you personally.

    I hope you'll come back on the site at some point in the future and let us know how you're getting on.

    Best wishes, Kate

  • Thanks Kate. it was my cardiology doctor who has made opponents to talk to ep. I got a little scared to be honest when the procedures were explained to me. so the doctor said to try tablets first to see if this works. but I will definitely keep you informed off what happens. as iv just found this site and will be on it more often. thanks for your quick reply Kate

  • Hi Gary. Flec worked for me but too many side effects. Now take it as a pill in the pocket and it works a wonder. Takes approx two hours to get me back to sinus.

  • I love the idea of abolition which sounds much better than ablation! Sorry can't help on flecainide as I only took it for a few months may years ago.

  • Hi Gary, I have been on Flecanaide for over ten years. My only complaint is it makes me tired and sometimes nauseous of I take on a full stomach. There are so many of us on this drug seems the most popular rythumncontrol drug. Good luck and keep letting us know how you are doing, Gracey

  • My medication was changed from Sotalol to 50mg flecanaide and 2.5mg Bisoprolol as I was having attacks every couple of weeks but my AF was worse and so gone back to Sotalol. It's trial and error to see what suits you. Now on waiting list for an ablation.

  • Have been on flecainide for nearly 6 years and only had one episode of AF since. Dose has now been reduced to 50 twice a day and touch wood still ok. I couldn't tolerate bisoprolol even a teeny dose,pulse dropped too low. Best wishes Wendy B

  • Hi Wendy, I'm going to have to grasp the nettle after a great AF free period of 2.75 years and reduce my Flecainide as am concerned side effects will impact in some way. Can I ask how you reduced your dose? Was it slowly and evenly over a period of time or did you just drop 50mgs in both the am & pm doses in one day?

  • orchardworker My GP suggested I go down to 50mg in the morning ( as my episodes have always been at night) and 100mg at night for one month then see her again. I must admit the first three or four days I took an approximation of 75mg.. After a month I went to 50mg twice a day. Felt very vulnerable at first . Have been on this dose since 5th September which I know isn't long but so far so good. Am more aware of the odd ectopic but feel that's my anxiety. Still getting very tired some days. ( I think I forget I'm 70!!

  • Thanks Wendy, very good to know, well done and best wishes for continued stability.

  • Hi, I've been on Flec for 6 months & this is my longest without AF episode. I feel wiped out some afternoons so have to rest & a low level headache some days all day, but I'm willing to put up with that for AF free days . I get some wobbles but I cope with them. Give it a try but keep thinking this is going to help Best wishes Pat

  • ruskin10 I get the having to suddenly rest thing! Just have to sit down. As you say a small price

  • Hi , the best way it works for me Is I take 50mgs when I go into AF and within 2 hrs I'm back in NSR . EP initially advised me to take 100mg bd but I found I can manage on what I'm doing. The reason I tried this was I'd rather be exposed to a lower dose if it works . I wouldn't advise anyone else to try this without first discussing with your Dr .

    Hope it works for you

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