Another episode

Hi everyone - Had another episode last night, didn't last long, about 2 hours tops and I did all the usual vagal stuff, blowing down empty syringe, bearing down etc and then did 10 mins of focussed 7/11 breathing with the HeartMath protocol and returned to NSR soon afterwards. It may or may not have been the 'cure' but it really reminded me of the importance of maintaining calm, breathing well and mind control.

I am blaming the stress which caused the epsisode on shouting loudly at the poor, long suffering radio whilst listening to the the US election results halfway through the night....... when will I ever learn? LOL

Best wishes CD

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  • Glad you are getting over it now, and congrats on doing all that was possible to help yourself. Stress does contribute and I think you can be forgiven for shouting, bit of a shock here too.

  • How tedious CDreamer. But treated effectively and short lived.

    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have a lot to answer for.

  • CDreamer , what is the heart math protocol please ?


  • It's an app for smart phone with an attachment with a sensor which attaches to your earlobe. You watch the app and focus on then breathing in such a way that it affects your heartbeat - you get an immediate bio-feedback and have 3 colours red, amber and green as to how you are doing.

    You don't need the app to practise it, but is a very useful to have the immediate bio-feedback. is the original US site - you can buy in the UK but they try to sell you coaching etc but there is enough advice on the mindfulness stuff on the internet that I think most people would find it very useful.

  • Thank you CD. I shall look into this ....sounds like it would be useful for me. Good to hear that this helped you get back into nsr. (I can't bear the thought of yet another cardioversion )


  • Sorry to read that CD and quite understandable in the circumstances. Without being too political on this MEDICAL forum either way didn't look good to me but heh what do I know? Silla or Charibdese anyone? Sorry about the spelling any Greek mythology students. It's been a while.

    Try to relax now, there's nowt we can do about it. Stay well.

  • Bob my AF is so different now, I don't get at all ill and I can carry on doing things as usual and it doesn't wipe me out. My BP doesn't fall through the floor.

    I went to physio this morning and did the longest and most intense session yet - this is specialist vibro-gym for my Mg so 'long' for me is 2 mins with 4 breaks of 10 seconds of going as hard as possible whilst vibrating.

    mmmm....could I have put that more delicately?

  • LMAO

  • i'm gonna pass on that one!!!

  • Need photos :D

  • Sorry to hear that CD but thank you for the reminder about calm breathing. The trick is to try to remain calm in such circumstances - well done.

    As for shouting . . . did it help????

  • Oh definately! But didn't have my desired affect.

  • Glad that you are OK CD. Amazing that you could stay calm and get back to NSR. Something that I must remember to do when AF strikes again! Take care CD.

  • Thanks CD, useful to know. The last time, 32 months ago, I had an episode, I just lay on the sofa and did trance like breathing in time with a heart sound track I got from the internet (suggested here I think) and I was back in NSR in 20 mins. Of course, I don't know whether I would have gone back anyway but I do know I would do it again as and when it happens again.Best wishes.

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