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Green powders and arrhythmia?


Hi all,

Since my episode of alleged af a few weeks ago I have cut out coffee, all artificial sweeteners and have been very conscious of what I am eating and drinking.

I seem to get phases where my heart is very irritable and building up to something such as I experienced throughout July, August and September. Over the last few weeks my heart has been behaving itself A bit more (always does when I've got the docs watching me!). That is until today..

In the spirit of trying to be more healthy I made a nutribullet smoothie from strawberries, coconut water and kale, and added one teaspoon of Bioglan's superfoods green powder which has chorella, spirulina and a lot of other 'natural' ingredients:

After five minutes of drinking half a glass of my smoothie I had two 5-10 second episodes of my heart having fast runs of skipped beats or similar...difficult to put into words. It definitely wasn't right. I thought I was going to have to call an ambulance each time until it stopped.

Has anyone had any experience of these green powders affecting an arrhythmia? I cannot understand why my heart has suddenly become so sensitive to literally everything.

Any experiences are welcome x

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I should add that suspecting it was the smoothie after the second incident I made myself sick to get it or my system. Sorry too much information but I didn't have another episode afterwards x

Great idea!! I'm sure that many of us wouldn't have thought of that!!!

From your description of the ingredients I picked out the coconut. I would never try anything with coconut, this has effected me in the past, and has effected another person on this forum, so it might not be the green powder. Maybe you can try just the coconut to see if its this or if you are like me once bitten twice shy.

Thanks. I've had the coconut lots of times before, have had missed beats occasionally but this was more forceful and prolonged. Very strange. I know coconut may have an effect because of the potassium but it was only about 200ml :/ X

I think always best to use whole foods so you know exactly what you are eating. They add herbs to the green powders of which can cause problems with arrythmias. If you want to add greens to your smoothies use a handful of kale or spinach. I'm surprised you have a problem with coconut, wonder why, another mystery. Good luck on your journey, Gracey

Because of AF I definitely avoid liquorice and ginseng, both of which are in this powder, and there are one or two other things which I'm not sure about and would want to research eg: astragalus, ashwagandha and mushroom powder (mushrooms can contain all sorts of substances).

Just because a herb is good for everyone else, it doesn't mean it is good for those of us with AF. Try looking for a green powder without the liquorice or ginseng, and see if that is OK, - or introduce herbs one at a time.

Thanks all. It seems bizarre that in such small quantities our bodies can react in this way :(

I ate a bowl of cereal this morning and virtually instantly had missed beats again. I wish I had an answer for all these horrible heart symptoms.

Thanks again xx

The missed beats are definitely different from the fast fluttering. I should have been a doctor to diagnose myself!!!

Does the powder have Sucralose as a sweetener? Many of the health drink mixes do. This is an artificial sweetener that sets my heart off. I have no problems with coconut, I use it daily to cook with and even put it in my hot tea.

It has stevia, a natural sweetener. I've not heard of that giving the same effects as aspartame etc but it is a possibility. I fleetingly felt like I was having a heart attack. Palpitations are so rubbish :( x

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