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Hi all recieved letter from the Hostpital today for my husband he had an Echo test two weeks ago and we were waiting for the results, the letter say's he will be looked after by the cardiac community nurses as he has signs of heart failure, we haven't seen the consultant at all but I really feel in the dark obviously I want to know what's wrong with his heart, might be because he is 70 and he is to old for further treatment I just don't know , has anyone on here been treated by community cardiac Nurses.

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Don't be put off by the term nurse please. Many of these specialists are better trained than a lot of doctors and do a fantastic job looking after people in the community. Don't think that at 70 he is too old either.

Heart failure isn't the terminal condition you may think. It merely means that the heart is not currently capable of fulfilling all the body's requirements. This can be for a number of different reasons none of which we know at this stage. I would speak with your doctor about the future if I were you as we are not really experts on that subject here.


Hi there

I had heart failure and was addmitted to hospital, had loads ot tests ect and was in for 14 days, this is when they found out I had AF (permanent now). I was given my medications and was appointed a heart failue nurse and an AF nurse. You will find them most helpful and will have a number to call them when you have queries. You will also have appointments with them to check your progress. Anything untoward they will consult a consultant. I see my heart failue nurse more than the af one, we get on well, always seems to be around when I phone her with a query. Regarding the heart failure as Bob says it is not as bad as it sounds. I'm sure your husband has been put on a drug to strengthen his heart muscle to make it pump more efficently, I am on Ramipril for this with Biso, Diltiazem for the AF and an anticoagulant.



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