Mad and upset 😈

Hi all had my ablation 5 weeks today and all going well, had a session of AF for 4hrs n flashes n migrains but because of this forum and u lovely people i was fine with it all, I went back to work 3 weeks after having my ablation I've done 2 weeks phase to return and then back to normal hrs this week, I av to admit it's been a struggle because I've had a bad cold as well, i work in a school kitchen and its hard work at times, I had to have a meeting because of the time I've had off 29 days in all this year and all to do with my AF, well they've given me a bloody warning and told me if I have 6 more days off in the next year then I may lose my job, so now I'm upset and worried I may lose my job, what happens if i get ill again, has anyone else had this problem x

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  • My gut reaction is that they can't sack you that easily. Peter may have more info on that but AF can be classed as disability in some cases which makes it more difficult for them. If you are not in a union why not talk to citizen's advice people.

    You don't need stress right now!


  • Thankyou bob your right I think I need to speak to someone, maybe join a union x

  • Just seen this (catch-up day today). Must see if we can't get Bob into using person selection like BobD !!!!

    Yes it is a disability and unfortunately even some HR people do not recognise or know that it is. Was your AF specifically identified / brought up as a disability at the interview?

    Would look at a Union and Citizens Advice and also ACAS websites.

    Probably won't have enough time today to do write some further info but if I haven't done so by Sunday evening don't hesitate to remind me!!!

  • I agree with Bob. I had a lot more days off than you. My occ health reports clearly state that disability legislation applies to me. Contact your Union for advice. You should not have to feel vulnerable in terms of your job security when you have a genuine and maybe chronic condition. Do you work in the private sector? I think it is disgraceful that you are being treated like this. Take it easy and indeed you do not need stress right now. Maybe your immediate line manager is just not clued up and has spoken out of turn. Contact HR and higher management for support and advice and if you lose your job maybe you would have a case for unlawful or constructive dismissal. Contact your local MP and a solicitor if it does not get resolved xxx

  • Hi vony I work for East riding council and there telling me everything there doing is legal and above board, I spoke to my daughter in laws mum tonight she works for unison in there offices and she is going to have a word with her boss tomorrow for me, I feel better for speaking to her x

  • Have a look at this site and if you need more information give ACAS a ring. All calls confidential and free.

  • Thankyou jeanjeannie50 im just going to see what answers I get tomorrow but I will look at the site as well x

  • When I worked I rang ACAS a lot for advice re employees. They are the main government providers of advice for legal law regarding employment. Members of staff would contact them for advice too. They are there for everyone and what they will tell you is fact as the law stands, not what Jo Bloggs thinks is right.

    Hope this helps.


  • That's awful, I had my ablation 3weeks ago and I couldn't Handel what you are going through hope you are able to sort it out without to much stress

  • Sorry to hear your story, are you working in a state school or private school? Permanent or temporary contract? The reaction of your employer appears very unfair.

    If you are not in a union. join one, take there advice.

    Did your GP sign you off?

    Good luck

  • Hi RunAFib0, yes it's a state school and I'm on a permanent contract, I've worked there 15 years and done a lot to help them out over the years even more then my share of the work in my opinion, we got a new head teacher about 3 years ago and a lot has changed since he took over, I spoke to someone last night from the union and they are looking at my case today, and yes I had a sicknote for each day I was off x

  • Thank you for responding, all is in your favour. Good luck, do not stand for what was said to you.

  • Yes I have had exactly the same issues with Council job,

    I am being monitored and under threat of dismissal if I have 1 more day off before 27 October

    I have had 5 days off in the last 12 months all with AF

    Look up the disability leave scheme as it covers some of the time off particularly if the sickness is caused by the effects of the medication you have to take

    It's terrible to be treat so badly when there is absolutely nothing you can do about it

    Best wishes


  • And I do have union support

  • If you have an ablation on a Friday, you should be able to return to work Monday, losing only one day.

  • In who's world???

  • Mine, and SHOULD be yours too. I was told I could drive two days after ablation (which means Sunday after a Friday ablation), and go to work three days after.

  • That is great you recovered so quickly but unfortunately this is not the case for everyone after ablation.

  • That's weird!

  • Aufgeblassen - I think your advice regarding returning to a job which involves lifting, bending and carrying two days after having an ablation is nonsense and foolhardy in the extreme.

  • I said three days, and this was according to my Dr.

  • Ok if you are a machine, and have masochistic tendencies, but other than that there should be no words for SHOULD.

  • Very unfortunately not the case for most people.

    In the UK the absolute minimum for which you are not allowed to drive for an ordinary licence (car, motorbike, etc) is 48 hours and that only kicks in after you are back in the ward and fully compos mentis. So if you were back at 19:00 on the Friday it would only be after 19:00 on Sunday (at the earliest) that you are allowed to drive. In the UK and in most of Europe if you drive any sooner your insurance is automatically voided and you are personally liable in the event of an accident. However the proviso before someone does start driving again is that they are 100% safe and that for instance could do an emergency stop without having any effect. Many people's groin may have not healed insufficiently by then.

    In the UK if you have a Bus, coach or lorry licence

    You must tell DVLA if you’ve had a catheter ablation. You must not drive for 6 weeks after your treatment.

    I was specifically told not to drive for 7 days EXCLUDING the day of the procedure. Also told do nothing apart from TV remote, iPhone and iPad for the first week and not much more for the second week!! As Bob said people are different and also varies according to EP / hospital.

  • Glad u said that BobD, I was told I wasn't to do anything for the first week x

  • And not a lot more for the second!. No lifting for at least three weeks. I ruined my first by going balls out too soon and wasn't going to do that again. I obeyed all hospital instructions after that. Caveat-- we are all different and different procedures require different levels of rest.

  • gingerfurball - I hope you can get the advice and help you need. It's just dreadful to be made to worry so at a time when you need all your inner strength to recover. Previous posters have given excellent advice re union and ACAS help, but do remember that the most important thing is your health and wellbeing - best wishes and take it easy.

  • Finvoy thankyou so much for your kind words I have to admit I've been so worried about it and felt like I was on my own that it's made me feel ill, I've spoken to someone who works at unison and there going to try and help me, and your right my health and wellbeing is the most important thing

    thankyou x

  • We would suggest that you contact your local citizens advice bureau for advice. As people work in different environments and have differing recovery periods, it is unfortunate (for some) that there are not set rules on returning to work after any kind of medical procedure. You should also discuss the issue with your GP or consultant. We wish you luck!

  • I would doubt the legality of that threat . Surely you are a member of a union & they would advise you & act for you in this matter . If you were playing `Hookey` that would be a different matter but your absence was due to a devastating illness which you cannot control & have no influence over . I am sure you were covered by legitimate medical sickness certificates.

    Ol` Timer

  • I hope all works out well for you ginger fur ball, unfair treatment and support from your employer. Keep us all posted on how you get on.

    As regards the comment on returning to work from Aufegblassen, that is absurd and ridiculous advice. I had an ablation 8 weeks ago, under a general anaesthetic with a TOE procedure done at the same time, which took 4amd half hours, and I am still not able to return to work.

    Unfortunately, my oesophageal vagus nerve has been damaged during the procedure, this has led to numerous symptoms and ill health. The vagus nerve affects many functions of our body and this can take 6 months to a year to repair. It also gave me daily migraines with aura every day for three weeks. These went but came back last week. I do not regret having the procedure at all and look forward to feeling better and am very grateful. Although my side effects don't happen to many, I still feel the advice of ablation Friday, work Monday is ridiculous, Must be super fit and others just malingerers. Sorry if I am coming across snotty but I do get fed up when I hear this being said. Unless some are very fortunate and have a short op with no problems but I still feel two days recovery is crackers and comments like that don't help those that are struggling.

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