I'm deeply moved

Hi friends, I'm overwhelmed by all the responses to my post, so scared .

I have listened to all of you very carefully and have decided to take my time. I don't feel convinced in my gut that ablation is my path right now. It's been a very unsettling journey and many of you said, take your time. I do think I was rushing to find a fix but in the long run I felt let down by myself. I will continue my journey of getting into my best health and reexamine an ablation down the road. Seven months I have been without an episode and I have decreased my Flecanaide by half. I owe it to myself to help myself until I need extra intervention. Hopefully, I can be one of those who are a success story. They are many successes on this forum and none came without commitment. I wish all the best health for all of you, my friends. You have advised and guided me towards a decision that has me at peace. I will continue to post my progress and I'm always here to hear your voices as well, grateful, Gracey

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  • The option of an ablation will still be there in the future and who knows what other new treatments may be on the horizon the progression of this condition is so different for everyone. I hope you are one of the lucky ones. They are out there a friend of mine has only had AF twice in the last five years.

  • Well done Gracey . I think what is right for you is important. We are still here to help . So glad you are at peace with yourself now.


  • Thank you Bob

  • This makes me question mine aswell now, but I'm very glad you've made a decision that your at peace with

  • Please don't let my decision affect you because all our circumstances are different. As Bob just said to me, be at peace. Find that place within you where you can find your own truth . We are all here to help eachother and that's a beautiful thing. Be free to take your own action and find your best health , Gracey

  • Jugsy, you have followed your gut feeling so it will be right for you. When I chose to have my ablation it was because I knew I wouldnt rest till I had tried to get rid of A.F. i knew then that if I tried and failed i would still be happier than if I hadnt tried at all. Although things didnt quite work out as planned I am still in a better state than I was before ablation.I am happy with the decision I made and am ok about moving on to the next solution when necessary.

    Relax (easier to say than do ).


  • It takes as much courage to make a decision not to do something as it does to go ahead, so well done, Gracey, for being decisive. All good wishes for continuing success.

  • Tracey I have found that increasing food high in potassium has helped- no AF for two years since increasing- jacket potatoes, salmon fruit ad veg coconut water all high in potassium. Just in case this may help

  • sorry typo Gracey not Tracey!

  • What a lovely post, Gracey and you are right - there are such helpful people on this forum and of benefit to so many of us.

    A cardiologist said to me 'you will know when it is time to seek intervention' and I agree with him . . .

    Best wishes for continuing NSR and comfort in your decision.

  • I agree with your decision too Gracy, it took me just on 4 years to work out that this was the way to go for me, when I did make the decision I had no doubt that it was the right one at the right time. It also gave me time to research alternative solutions plus the time to find the right exercises and food intake. I have just had one done and my body is and was in the best optimum of health to undergo any surgery this took a lot of time and effort so you are not doing "nothing"while you wait, you are simply trusting and helping yourself.

  • What a great post ........ its the tone of it, not so much the decision. The tone of this does really sound 'calm and peaceful' whereas before your tone was 'stressed'. I am sure your body will not let you down - it too is probably breathing a sigh of relief :-)

    Interesting a comment that ultramarine made - and I quote "and my body is and was in the best optimum of health to undergo any surgery" end quote. In cases of elective procedures or surgery I think this is so important - getting your body into best possible shape for what is to come. Almost a year ago I had to have a partial knee replacement ..... I chose ( not my GP or Orthopaedic Consultant) but me (at my own personal expense, not on NHS) ..... to have a Sports Injury Therapist work on the leg that was to be operated on, the aim being to get that leg in the finest possible condition as possible, to get it as strong as possible to give the surgeon the best chance to do the best possible piece of handiwork as he could.

    That was the best thing I could have done, not just to help him but it helped my post op recovery and whilst the recovery process was daunting and really painful initially I was back driving my car in 8 weeks and back at work bus driving in 11 weeks. Job done, and I've gone from strength to strength ever since.

    And all that included my coming off warfarin in preparation for the surgery. And no sign of AF either prior to, during or following all the trauma.

    So yeah, as ultramarine says ... concentrate on getting your body in top condition. As they say .. something about a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. So you are on the way ............. May the force be with you.


  • John, you have been very influential is my decision making. I knew all along in my heart that my health is in my hands. Being positive going forward and yes getting healthier everyday , my way. Who knows the future but today I chose having control, Gracey

  • Good on you for having the courage of your convictions iam sure things will work out for you xx

  • Mazza, thank you. You have been replying to my posts with thoughtfulness for a while now and I really appreciate yoh. I know you recently had an ablation and I hope it works well for you, keep us posted on your progress please, thanks again, Gracey

  • I hope everything goes well for you in the future. There is an alternative out there with the EP's and their work, that option in itself should be of great comfort if it becomes necessary. Such a good set of discussions, will have helped many.

  • Gracey

    It is good to read that you have made a decision you are comfortable with.

    We are all different and being free of AF for 9 months together with the lifestyle changes you have made must have been a significant factor in your decision making.

    Best wishes for a healthy future.


  • Glad you have made your decision, it's always the worst part I think and you must do what feels right for you.

    Even having 2 episodes a week I struggled a few days before and was picking up the phone to cancel but then AF kicked in - as if to say THIS is why you were going.

    We all have our own journey to take.

    Very best wishes CD

  • Did you postpone the ablation Gracie. Really glad you are feeling positive.

  • Yes! I did postpone. I will still feel conflicted but my gut said, stop. This is a journey so I'm embracing my decision and will do all I can to be positive, thank you for support, Gracey

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