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Permanent AF

Hi I have been in AF for ten years which is controlled by tablets and axipan. recently my at rest rate flucates between 50 and 105 and whilst I am not getting palatations I am getting an uneasy and uptight feeling .if I go to doctors they just say I am in AF.i

Is is worth a trip to A&E or am I worrying unnecessary

I had a failed cardioversion about 5 years ago.I am on Tidlem and another heart tablet to maintain rate

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Well your af rate sounds OK. Psychological factors may be relevant. I doubt A&E are going to offer you much benefit. Your GP is the best to discuss this with as this doesn't sound as though its either an accident or an emergency.

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I too am in permanent AF and am on rate control tablets and apixaban. I get occasional tightness and pain in my chest along with a few palpitations.

I f you are concerned why not ask your GP to refer you back to your cardiologist and then he can decide the best course of action for you.

Hope you will soon be feeling better.


My position is very similar to yours and no-one is interested. Good luck.

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I suggest that you go to the GP and insist that you are referred to an Electrophysiologist (EP) as they are cardiac specialists who deal with arrhythmia.

If you get chest pains than do use the emergency services (999 usually sends a paramedic).

Let us all know how you get on.


Do what Peter said, EP's are the only ones (and their colleagues) who know what they are doing. Most GP's don't know much about it unless you're very lucky, mine haven't a clue and try and would lead me up the wrong path if I let them. They're great and most other things though.

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Thankyou for all the replies very much appreiated


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