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Fall while on warfarin

Fall while on warfarin

Hi I know this isn't a nice picture to wake up for but I am wondering if anyone has had a similar problem . I had a fall 15 weeks ago which this near eneogh came up over night ,no pain . It now I would say aches on occasions . Have seen a couple of docs who say they don't want to drain it as I am on warfarin ,it could go down on its own but we are now looking at 15 weeks

Would like to hear from someone who has a similar problem as now getting a bit concerned as to what can happen to it and if knocked would it cause a internal problem

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Do you have a trauma centre or a minor injuries that you could turn up at because its become more painful? 15 weeks is a very long time and a lot of scaling!!!


Thanks Peter I do go down docs and see the nurse every week has warfarin levels never seem to sort themselves out but due to other problems and different Meds have to stay where I am .the trouble I am finding is that different docs have different views . I am going to the renal unit tomorrow don't want to keep on at them as they have kept my kidney transplant going for 25 years this year but unusual for me I feel I have had enough of putting brave face on . Will let you know what they say .i have a list of probs but feel like it is time to get over feeling like a hypocrite and telling the world I'm fine

Thanks for reading rant and you take care


It looks similar to when I fell off my bike when I hit a pothole. I'm also on warfarin. My hip swelled up quite a bit and went all sorts of colours. It was quite painful and after a couple of weeks I went to a physio. She got out what was effectively a rolling pin and got to work. It reduced the swelling a lot and I was in a lot less pain. Another visit a week later and I was back to normal. Just enjoying lots of ooohs and aaahs when I showed the bruising which had travelled down my leg by then!

She did say it was as well I had it treated as it can form a permanent lump which is more difficult to treat.


Hi, I would echo MarkS. Try a physio -- nothing to lose and I've found they are able to relieve a lot of pain. I have a 30-year-old injury in my calf (crush injury, I was run over sort of a long story) and doctors were always like 'just deal with the pain'. A year ago, I finally went to a physio and he was able to loosen the muscle scar quite a lot with massage and gave me some really good exercises that have helped a lot. Mobility up, pain down. So just a thought. You do deserve to have as little discomfort and as much quality of life as possible.

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If the skin over the affected area isn't broken or irritated try Arnica Cream to reduce the bruising. This Cream is on the greasy side and might help the dry skin too.



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