Hiatus hernia

Just out of interest I would like to know how many of you out there also have acid reflux problems particularly associated with a hiatus hernia. I have a hiatus hernia and take omeprazole daily. I have researched this and fine that inflammation of the oesophagus can affect the left atrium. Also omeprazole deletes the body of magnesium, potassium and vitamin b12. I therefore take supplements and half abanana daily and now rarely have any episodes. I still take a beta blocker but this did not stop the episodes until I started with the supplements. I wear a fitbit chargeHR and check my pulse several times a day so would be aware of irregular heartbeats. Please respond if you also have reflux ...I have no other 'triggers " for AF.

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  • Yes I have a hiatus hernia and awful acid reflux. I have used lansoprazole, omeprazole (that gave me awful stomach pains) and now ranitidine. My heart rhythm problems started within days of being diagnosed with hiatus hernia.

    My ep agrees with the link.

  • Thank you for replying....I find a low dose of Omeprazole sorts the problem with the acid reflux. Because this depletes magnesium I take a supplement of iliquid ionic magnesium in water, half a banana for potassium depletion and sublingual b12 spray for depletion of that vitamin. Rarely have any palpitations except after cheese and too much alcohol. Hope this helps.

  • I've been taking PPI's for many years for GERD and Hiatus Hernia. My B12 and magnesium levels are always with range without any supplements.

    Doctors and EP look blank when I say that that my AF is worse on the days my digestion symptoms are worse..

  • Well they neef to keep up to date--there is info on the net and one respondent hsd already let me know that her ep agrees that there is a linlk.

  • My BP also goes up then. They also don't like me telling them that after being in NSR for 15 months after cardioversion following aortic valve replacement that stimulation of my vagus nerve during a colonoscopy put me back in AF. And again after a DRE.

  • Yes added to PAF, Tinnitus, Allergies, High Colestorol and IBS I too have a Hiatus Hernia and I take Lansoprazole.

    Right now very happy to be in NSR.👏🏻👍

    Never heard of a link.

    Hey Ho - what next!😢😪


  • I have hiatus hernia and paroxusmal , vagal AF. I believe that reflux and hiatus hernia is a big triggers for my AF. I am avoiding food high in amines, no MSG. Taking Flecenaide and Varapamil as a "pill in the pocket" only. Have episodes of AF (only at night ) twice a month on average.

  • This is a good topic to bring up as far as I am concerned, I was wondering the other day what other conditions could bring us together to link up with AF. For me approximately 3half years ago, knew there was a link between my gut and AF/SVT and Flutter.

    I was diagnosed with IBS and the Gastroenterologist noted a small Hernia on my left side. I thought this was mostly related to males, but not so. I have to go back sometime next year and will get some more clarification.

    All I know is a special diet for IBS including no MSG 621 and 450 plus taking medication at odd times called De-gas has helped enormously. I didn't know that there was medication for Hernia.

    I have been on the diet Fodmap for around 2plus years, but its very time consuming to begin with and you have to be vigilant most of the time especially with with sauces etc.

  • Hi, I have a number of hernias and I had appendisitis, treated with anti-biotics two years ago treated with antibiotics because I cannot have operations, for various health reasons, then this year I had infected pelvic mass,very scary and painful. I have been told not to eat salad, most fruit, spices, hard food, MSG, oh the list goes on and on. All this on top of AF,Asthma and type2 Diabetes. I too take Omeprazol along with other meds.

    Best wishes Lynn.

  • I've had a hiatus hernia for over 30 years but never needed medication until my heart attack and subsequent drugs. Omeprazole didn't agree with me but Lanzoprazole seems to be ok, though I did then suffer AF two years later and needed an ablation.

  • rothwell- I have a minor hiatus hernia- it can irritate the vagus nerve which can cause afib. I only have acid reflux if I eat the wrong diet and if I do not take the supplements I need because the afib meds and the bp meds deplete many nutrients. Also to help with acid reflux try probiotics before the first meal and possibly a good quality yogurt (no sugar or fillers--preferably from either sheep or A2-european -cows) with your own added fresh or frozen )defrosted) berries and some things with essential fatty acids and minerals like ground flax seeds, walnuts. almonds, pumpkin seeds.; and 1 banana--all these things will improve the digestion and elimination of the meal so you should not get acid reflux. The meal described also resupplies the nutrients being depleted and has it's own extra probiotics in the yogurt and fiber in the fruits and nuts.. Taking prilosec and other such drugs ultimately makes acid reflux worse because it impairs digestion of protein, and everything else.

  • I have hiatus hernia too and was on acid blockers. I have stopped taking acid blockers and eliminated gluten/wheat and now don't have reflux. I had some gluten over the weekend though just to try and I have had arrithymia's now for 3 days. Definitely a link for me.

  • I had undiagnosed acid reflux that was causing a painful throat and persistent cough. I've now sorted this by making some changes to my vegan diet and by drinking a small cup of almond milk before I go to bed. No antacids needed :) Seems to be sorted! Interesting to see the link between this and AF.

  • How long have you had AF and do you take blood thinners or natural alternatives?

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