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Trying to stay positive. πŸ™„

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Hi everyone. I haven't written on here since I did my 7 day post ablation blog, though I do read and reply to posts on here on a regular basis. So here is my latest update.

I felt great after the ablation, and apart from the odd ectopic beats.

I came off Flecainide in June and the EP said that if everything was ok I could come off the Bisoprolol in September.

I went to the well woman clinic 2 weeks ago for my yearly check up ( though it's actually 3 years since I last went, whoops ) and then received a phone call from the GP to say that my blood contained some small immature red blood cells so further tests were needed. As recently I have felt extremely tired and can be quite breathless even when just sitting down, I assumed it was a combination of lifestyle and coming off all heart tablets. However, it looks like it may be something different.

Then to top it all, I had a 3 hour attack of aggressive AF this afternoon, the first since the ablation. So I rang the AF nurse and I'm now back on Bisoprolol.

So all in all I'm somewhat peed off, after such a promising start I'm not feeling a happy bunny today.

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Very sorry to hear this. Hopefully the bisoprolol does the trick and that you get the test results soon.

Nannadee in reply to PeterWh

Thanks Peter, I can tell a difference already.

Oh, unwelcome complications for you, Nannadee, when it had been going well but surely an unsettling blood test might have been a trigger for the AF? I hope the further tests reassure you and it's something of little consequence or to be watched, and not requiring any treatment. x

Nannadee in reply to Rellim296

Me too Rellim. Thank you.

So sorry to hear this. It never rains but it pours. I have had some unsettling blood results this year, mostly low neutrophil counts for no apparent reason. Ive spent weeks worrying only to find that each time the next blood test shows back to normal. Bit of a mystery. I hope your next results at least give you some answers and that A.F. bows out again. X

Nannadee in reply to dedeottie

Hope my blood tests are the same as yours deodottie

Very bumpy ride, you think you are getting better and then hit with something else - I can relate to that! My lymphocytes count on my last bloods were up which means my meds aren't holding my condition, it's all a lot to cope with isn't it?

So sorry and hope the episode it just a one off for you and things settle down and do keep us informed as to how you are.

Best wishes CD

Nannadee in reply to CDreamer

Thank you CD. I'm feeling better now I'm back on the Bisoprolol which is ridiculous isn't it.

No wonder you are struggling to stay positive after everything going so well. Thinking of you and hoping for some good results, and that the AF was just a blip.

Nannadee in reply to irene75359

Thank you Irene.


My blood results showed high potassium which can lead to arrhythmias and also low red blood cell count. It is a worry. I think I might understand why my potassium is high but can't get to the reason for my low red cell count. I seem to be eating all the right foods, but also might be eating stuff that block the uptake of the needed vitamins, still a work in progress!!

I only found out about my low red cell count by getting online access to my records. Doctors never mentioned it!!!

Hope you get to the bottom of your issue.


Nannadee in reply to Hidden

Thanks Koll. I've had to more blood tests done so hoping these will be ok.

Just take it step by step. You're bound to feel tired after all that. It'll be a better picture soon. Wishing you well

Nannadee in reply to Elaine1951

Thank you Elaine.

When coming off bisoprolol one can get symptoms while it all settles down. When I came off bisoprolol I was allowed to, on the condition that I used the bisoprolol as a PIP in the event of fast AF. This has worked for me, and I use it less and less. I wonder if they would agree to your trying this?

Nannadee in reply to Polski

Ive only gone back on 2-5 mgs once a day instead of twice daily and my heart is steady again. So will maybe try coming off them every other day when I feel more settled.


So Sorry to read that. Big cyber hugs>(((( ))))


Nannadee in reply to BobD

Feel so much better after the cyber hug Bob. πŸ˜„

So sorry to hear that you have this worry. Do you have an appointment booked for your next blood test?


It was done yesterday Jean. I had 2 phials taken so will know more in 2 weeks. Hopefully it's just anemia, but I googled it, fatal, should have listened to my son and not done it.

rosyG in reply to Nannadee

hope all goes well- I thought of anaemia- hope all you need is one iron !!

Nannadee in reply to rosyG

Thanks rosy, me too. Using the Internet is fatal.

rosyG in reply to Nannadee

you sound like me - but i still look things up!!

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