Patients Day

Hi all

I regret that I am going to have to miss patients day this year, due to pressure of work and some other commitments, so enjoy your pink carnation dinner and have a great Sunday, and think of me slaving away in a hot office (well air conditioned but you know what I mean)

Do please post some of the interesting snippets here afterwards (and the goss :) )

Be well


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  • Sorry that you won't be there, Ian, though I suspected your busy life might have had you arriving on the day and not for the dinner.

    Do let us have some dates for future Southwark Nosh & Natters and we'll look forward to those.

  • Excuses excuses.! You just want to avoid eating at Hyatt. Be honest. Take care mate.

  • dear Ian, sorry you couldn't make Sunday. I found the whole day very beneficial. Prof Schilling an interesting and entertaining presenter. His comments have made me feel empowered and I feel I am better informed about what questions to ask in the future - rate or rhythm - what are the options, what are the risks? Do benefits outweigh the risks? The information he outlined has certainly helped me to feel better informed and therefore, more comfortable about my decision making. May sound obvious but nevertheless I left feeling more confident.

    I was also reassured by other speakers. Again, I learnt more about advances and research supporting treatment related to anti-coagulation. I also appreciated information for those of us with AF taking our own steps to help improve things. I was surprised how for each point on the BMI scale above recommended weight for height increased the risk of AF as well as the impact on joints! I was unaware how much alcohol can affect AF, I was aware there could be a correlation but not to the degree outlined. So healthy diet and some gentle exercise on my plan of 'to do now'!

    Presentations about raising the profile to improve care and early identification of AF were inspiring - getting involved and taking part in activities to support the AFA were motivating. Another thing to add to my retirement activities in 2017.

    Look forward to patient day 2017. Was great to meet up with other members too.

    Look forward to the next Nosh and Natter. Take care and don't work too hard.

  • All

    I was very sorry to miss the day but the first train up from London on a Sunday does not get there early enough without missing a few sessions. With the way both my AF and my eye are going at the moment I felt it was not appropriate to drive up even though I am quite a bit up the M1.

    Hopefully see you all next year.

  • We did miss you but am sure we will see you next year. I will look forward to that. Hope you are o.k. x

  • Thanks

  • Sorry not to have seen you patients day this year. I can't understand why trains on a Sunday don't leave earlier for Birmingham - would make life easier!

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