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When to start exercise again post catheter ablation for a 35 year old who exercised daily prior to procedure?

Hi everyone, just to let you all know that I had a catheter ablation under GA yesterday morning, and according to the consultant was a successful however I was told that I have a unusually large Atrium so AF could return.

So far my heart has been regular, but means nothing I know! Also groin feels fine but lots of bruising appearing! (Normal so I read)

My question is when can I return to exercising? I have been reading lots of different posts. All with differing advice.

I understand that I am not to do any heavy lifting for 2 weeks, and have been told to start back slowly and listen to my body.

Before the procedure I was at a very high level of fitness, training daily when the AF would allow.

To add I am 35 years old on fleckanide 100mg and Rivaroxaban


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I was told do nothing for the first week and not a lot for the next and then ease back to normal gradually.

As I am sure you will know, the enlarged left atrium is most likely a direct results of your exercise regime which is why athletes and fighter pilots are more likely to get AF than others especially at your relatively young age.

We all make choices in life and thank goodness we are all different so I doubt my views are relevant to you. Good luck with whatever you decide.



An important issue for us sporty types. However we are all différent and we each fond our own solution. For my expérience of my 3 months post ablation see my post about cycling and expérience at altitude, posted a couple of weeks ago. However I am t' your so it is really back to the comment "take it easy and listen to your body". Best of luck.


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