This is the time of year when GPs start offering flu jabs (mine is tomorrow) so for the benefit of newbies, YES it is a good idea since flu can put an unwanted burden on your suffering heart and NO I know of no cases where it has exacerbated AF or affected INR. Since it is a dead virus it can't give you flu of course. Usual proviso check for possible allergies to the base product. I think it is grown in chickens eggs or similar from memory but they should ask you about that before stabbing you.

Only 9 days now to HRC Patients day.

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  • Yep, Had mine yesterday, cannot believe its that time of year again.


  • Timely reminder - mine's next week.

  • Had mine last week. While there I had a BP check and was told to make an asthma check, captive audience comes to mind. Still can't have the shingles jab as they keep changing the cutoff dates!! I have had shingles in the past so not too worried.

  • When you have had shingles it is all the more important to have the vaccination as the causal virus, Herpes zoster, hides in your spine.

    On a positive note, 10 days ago I took 2 elderly ladies ( 93 and 87 ) to have our flu jabs. None of us have suffered any side effects.

  • See my response below.

  • The age things are supposed to capture people who are in their 70s because it wasn't routine before.

    However I understood it that if you have conditions that cause strain stress or complications (such as heart, lung, etc) then you can have it anyway without having to wait for your "year" to come up on the catch-up cycle. Ask your GP.

  • I won't forget my shot this year. I learned the hard way last year bynot getting it and getting the flu. I had a fever for 5 days and had AFib for three ! It was really an awful experience with body aches, fatigue and sore throat. Get your shot my friends! Gracey

  • Had AF ablation, 2 weeks perfect. At exactly 2 weeks had flu injection, AF restarted that night. Coincidence or factor? Any ideas?

  • most likely coincidence . See below from Rachel

  • Had mine on Tuesday when I went for my INR, the nurse did it there and then, which was nice!

  • I think that the first text came out about 6 weeks ago from my GP's.

  • Good afternoon Bob. I actually spoke to one of our Medical Advisory Committee regarding this very subject earlier this week because I have had a few enquiries from new patients. It is scheduled to go on our social media next. His quote was:

    There are no concerns regarding flu jab and atrial fibrillation

    In fact, the recommendations are to avoid getting poorly from flu which could

    have an adverse effect with your atrial fibrillation by ensuring you receive the flu vaccination.

    Looking forward to meeting you all at patients day - Rachel

  • Having my flu jab tomorrow

  • Also worth asking if you can have a pneumonia jab. I had one about 3 years ago and it apparently lasts for life.

  • I had the flu jab last year but will not have it this year I had the jab late morning and quickly had a local reaction and by 6pm was in resus I asked if the flu vaccination could have been the trigger and was told maybe Following that I had three more epsisodes in a three week period requiring hospital intervention won't risk it again.

  • EricW

    I have had the flu jab for as long as I can remember. Never had any side efects until this year. Local pharmacist did it about 4.0pm and by 9.0pm I had the following: shivers, aching in joints, headache stiff neck and during the night difficulty taking a full breath. Some of these are mentioned on the leaflet they give you. Gradually these have been wearing off and I have taken a paracetamol but I don't feel up to much today. A good excuse to watch the golf! I do wonder whether the different strains of vaccine they use each year could affect people differently.

  • Yes they can.

  • Straaaaaange since I always understood it was not a live virus. Mind you I have been coughing and sneezing all night and mine isn't till 11 this morning. Probably won't do it if I already have a cold. We'll see.

  • I done exactly that last year Bob, It was not until June this year my cold/flu chest infection lasted all winter through to June.

    I would avoid if possible, wait til it's completely gone before getting the jab.

    I am in a even worse dilemma being on a biological treatment for ankylosing spondylitis, that ruins my immune system so really have no clue what to do

    Good luck

  • Ask consultant and GP and see if they agree.

  • Hiya Peter, ask do they agree with each other, or with stix? Am asking cos this is my sis's first year on AS treatment & has v poor GP, maybe consultant is ok. (I tend to do the 'finding-out' re how to deal w doctors when she's stressed). Thanks, Boombiddy.

  • Sorry don't worry bout answering. I rang my pharmacist, who said:

    1). Live vaccines should be avoided for certain types of anti-TNF. So it is important to know which anti-TNF.

    2). most flu jabs are dead vaccine so ok.

    3). Pneumonia jab used under NHS (at least in my area?) is Prevenar pneumococcal vaccine, is dead, so is ok.

    He advised check with people doing the jab.

    And ring consultant (ring secretary).

    And, nice chap, he said to ring him back with name of anti-TNF being used so he cd give more specific answer.

    Hope this helps stix , and thanks P that I cd ask your advice (&sorry I asked b4 checking).

  • No problems. Yes i meant seeing what the consultant said and what the GP said to get opinions. I didn't think about pharmacist but that was a good one.

    Query any time.

  • I went to the nurse in my local surgery for an INR check (bloods all over the place for some unknown reason after two years of perfect behaviour) and she did my jab then and there. Luckily no side effects again this year, I always worry but that's who I am.

  • Had it even though I told them about the cold. They weren't worried. Like a production line in there today. Hardly stopped moving and off again out the back door.

  • I had my flu jab yesterday and it hasn't caused a problem. I'm also taking Pradaxa anticoagulant plus a heavy dose of Nitrofurantoin antibiotic for a persistent UTI and, my GP who is well versed in my conditions, confirmed that this cocktail is not an issue.

  • I believe recent research suggested that the flue jab was more effective if given in the morning. Can anyone give chapter and verse for this?

  • I understood in the past (pre-AF) that provided your immune system is working well, there should be no problems with getting 'flu-like' symptoms with the 'flu jab. Taking a good multi-vit-and-mineral for three months at this time of year, and daily vitamin C (eg 500mg am and pm) should improve immunity and so help to ward off the flu as well.

    This could be a good approach if someone doesn't want to have the jab for some reason.

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