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The best feeling

Hi, just back yesterday from a holiday in Sri Lanka on a yoga/Pilates retreat and I feel fabulous. I was apprehensive about the long flight but I didn't have a single flutter in the whole 10 days away. I feel relaxed, refreshed and although this was gentle exercise which also included Tai Chi, the rest and friendly country certainly made me feel I can be me.

Medication keeps me out of AF but I will now focus on keeping me free from stress. If you want to look at what else the lovely ladies from Fit2Relax to look at their website - there is no age or gender limit and I will certainly go again.

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How wonderful I really admire you doing long haul something I won't chance. Mind you I hate flying so it wasnt much to give up. Just don't trust with the stress of flying I wouldn't bring on a flutter or two. Enjoying Europe and England more. Would like to do a retreat but nearer to home in Essex.


they do a weekend retreat type in Maidstone - worth looking at? I was worried about giving up my holidays when I was diagnosed but so glad I didn't give up. There are many places to explore if you are not a keen flyer though :)

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