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Hi, I had my ablation in June which thankfully was a success....however my groin continues to hurt. Healed lovely on the outside as I had tremendous bruising....but inside still feels sore. If I drive a length of time obv using that leg the most it can cause so much pain that I struggle to get going again....just would like to know if this is normal? Having to wait till October to see the consultant again....thanks in advance.

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  • I don't remember having had long lasting problems so no, I don't think it usual. Have you seen your GP?

  • What does your doctor say about it?

  • I would definitely go and see a doctor to put your mind at rest. I had an ablation a week ago.

    My case was not straightforward and the nurses had a lot of trouble stopping the bleeding from my groin.

    They had to use a gadget called a "Femostop" which pumps up a balloon at the site of the puncture applying pressure so that the nurse does not have to do it manually.

    After a while they took it off but the bleeding was still uncontrolled without pressure so they reapplied the gadget. I suppose it was about an hour before all calmed down.

    When it finally stopped and I lay still for the requisite 6 hours I slowly was able to resume normal movement.

    It is now 7 days and apart from the usual bruising, 3 punctures and a small lump all is OK.

    I therefore suggest that you should go and get it checked out.


  • Doesn't seem right after all this time does it! I'd go and see your GP or ring the AF nurse that works with your EP and ask for advice.


  • Unusual pain got me to a vascular consult, which identified several groin injuries after ablation.

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