AF and Ablation

Hi Everyone, I posted last week about my recent TIA which the stroke consultant said was caused by my AF. I am to return to the stroke consultant on the 21st October for review and carotid artery scan to see if my artery has healed. Meantime I am on Apixabam and my cardiologist has sent me an appointment for 3rd Nov when he wants to discuss ablation. Meantime I am feeling really anxious that I will have another TIA or worse a stroke, is it common to feel this scared....thanks.

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  • Probably although when I started my AF journey in 2005 the link with stroke was not really connected so nobody mentions anticoagulation. That you are on apixaban pretty much negates that risk anyway so please get on with life and stop worrying.

  • as Bob says, don't worry now you are on apixaban- let us know how you get on

  • Thanks for your replies it has reassured me.......I am finding the site really helpful and thanks to everyone for their posts it is giving me a greater insight into my condition.....will keep you all updated.

  • Good luck. It will be fine. You're doing the right thing

  • So as I understand it you have both AF and something wrong with your carotid artery? They are separate causes of TIAs/strokes and you need to be sure both are being sorted. They are an unusual combination from what I understand and can be caused by high BP, diabetes, tobacco, excess weight, etc. So hopefully you have been advised on lifestyle factors which might have caused this.

    You do need to follow any advice you've been given carefully. This is a specialist area and Apixaban will only sort out issues with AF and not carotid problems.

  • Thanks MarkS. Interestingly I am of average weight, have low blood pressure, never smoked and practically tee total.... With the exception of a glass of prosecco high days n holidays.....Stroke Consultant said the carotid artery wasn't diseased just damaged by the clot???? That sound right??? Forgive my ignorance.

  • Hi Harfly,

    That's possible I suppose, it must have been quite a big clot then. As long as there's no constriction in the carotid artery then that's fine. It sounds like you look after yourself well so you're doing all you can to avoid any follow up problems!

  • Hi glad it was a TIA and not a full on stroke. Just out of curiosity, how did you or someone else tell about the TIA because a lot of times people miss that (good for you for spotting it).

  • When I had my TIA I couldn't have been in a better place (if there is such a place). I was at an event and was surrounded by NHS clinicians and was presenting when I took my TIA, I had the common symptoms, confusion, loss of power in one side and just generally very unwell. A colleague called for an ambulance right away as she thought immediately it was either a TIA or a stroke. Hope that's what you were asking.

  • yes that is what I was asking and I have to say that was very lucky, if it's ever lucky to have a TIA. I actually had one in front of a neurologist in the hospital after surgery. She asked me how many fingers she was holding up and I got that right but said "oddly you have three hands though."

  • Tee hee that made me laugh!! I hope you are keeping well now.... 😀

  • All is well now. Just living life on Xarelto and generally keeping in sinus rhythm :)

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