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a newboy

hi I have had a thoracic aneurysm on thoracic archway...a leaking artery next to it for about 12 years now...the annuerysm was 4;6 last time scanned....6 months ago and a shaking condition....had a T.I.A. 6 YEARS AGO.....had A/F since and 4 weeks ago had a wild ride in hospital ....heart rate jumped to 210.......down to around 110 was 6 hours ,B/P over 200/75......very scarey......after several hours was released ...still fibrulating.....but medication had lowered B/P and fibrulation.Today began sotalolol ...been taking Apixiban and micardis......have had no heart attack...well that's my good points ....lifes great otherwise......

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Clearly you are a great survivor!


Hi Dlanigero and welcome to our forum. I'm afraid I know little about aneurysms so can't really comment on that at all. I'm sorry to hear you now have AF and a pulse of 210 certainly is on the high side. Lets hope that Sotalol will help sort things out for you. Were you on an anticoagulant when you had your TIA six years ago?

Wishing you well.



Have you tried improving your health generally with supplements etc? Providing you don't have liver problems, magnesium is strongly recommended for AF (see other posts for details - there is a search function above).

A good multi-vitamin-and-mineral tablet for three months should perk you up, also 500grm am and pm of Vitamin C (both best bought from a health shop) does wonders for ill-health generally. Apparently we use far more when we are unwell, and can't store it as many animals do.

Also lifestyle changes may help a lot - see Dr John Day for example: He is a cardiologist who also has AF, so he has proved the value of lifestyle changes for himself, whilst being an expert on all things AF, ablations etc.

Best wishes, Polski


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