Ablation success after many PAF episodes in first 4.5 months

I had PAF almost every day from March 21 to 1 April. Then nothing until 1 May. Then 27 May. Then 2, 14,16, 27 June. Then 5 times in July. 3 times in August. Last time on 9 August. 14 times over the 4.5 months after the first shocking week. And during that time I had ectopic bests often. And now? Virtually no ectopic beats and no AF. Somehow now the heart feels rock solid. Plenty of energy. Able to burst into a sprint from a standing start and the heart doesn't miss a best. Phenomenal. So it seems my heart took 4.5 months to heal. No drugs and no AF. Long may it last...............

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  • Sounds good, but it's still a little early for you to say you're cured if your last attack was 9th August. Really hope you are well from now on.

  • Well done and I do like the positive attitude. I always say three to six months for full healing despite doctors saying three months. They never had it done!

  • Hello Bob! Thanks. Yes; it has been an uncertain time. One minute thinking it's gone and then having a really bad run that convinced me it had failed. Then the recovery..... I have cryoablation (liquid nitrogen) of marks on the back of my hand just after the ablation at a dermatologist. On Xaralto for a month at the time. I had deep red marks at the freeze locations. They started to look healed around the same time the AF stopped. You can imagine how the inside of the heart must look after an ablation.....

  • Actually during ablation they use nitrous oxide gas according to Prof Schilling when I asked him about the mechanics a while back. I asked him why it didn't freeze the rest of the vein on its way in but of course it only gets cold when it expands in the balloon.

  • well done hope all remains good

  • Well done. I am at the four month mark now and feeling a lot better than at three. Last incident was 14th of August but only for about an hour.... Pulse still on the high side but ectopics much rarer. Onwards and upwards hopefully...!

  • 8 wks post ablation. Some ectopics,short 1-5 min episodes of afib occasionally. Much grateful for the lessening of episodes. Hope

    They never come back for any of us.

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