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Hi everyone,

I will soon be seeing my GP and deciding whether to try to go on Apixaban. This is not because I can not get in range but because of nose bleeds on Warfarin. I have read that Apixaban causes less bleeds. I would love to hear from anyone on Apixaban or any of the NOAC's as to whether they have had any bleeding events. This is my major concern now, I am more scared of bleeding than anything else. Hearing of your experiences would be a great help to me. Thank-you all for your support, I have learnt much more from all of you than any doctor.


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  • I have been taking Apixaban since December with no problems

  • I'm on plain old aspirin and have experienced no bleeding events.

    It was my understanding that your doctors could do some sort of test to determine what kind of bleeder you are so they can prescribe the appropriate drug?

  • Why are you on aspirin Dave? It was taken off the "suitable for AF stroke prevention" list last year.


  • I have been on Apixaban for a year now with no bleeding events. I had a big tooth out without any problem but made sure the local anaesthetic did not contain adrenalin. I don't know why you're bleeding on Warfarin but I'm sure your GP will be able to advise you. I love the freedom of apixaban -one tablet twice a day and eat what you like. I have blood tests every six months to make sure my kidney and liver function is ok.

  • I have been taking Pradaxa now for about 4 months 150 twice a day and it is really great.... Seems I have no side effects.... You take it with a full glass of water...... It is ok to eat whatever you want.... I cut myself once and it was not big deal

  • I am also on Pradaxa (Dabigatran). No problems at the dentist. I recently misjudged a step and fell flat out onto concrete. The bruising on my legs was much less severe than what I expected. I used to have alarming bruises on Warfarin.

  • I was put on Rivaroxaban almost two months ago but had to stop it after 4 weeks because of terrible diarrhoea. As I had an appointment with my EP at the same time as it was happening his registrar changed me on to apixaban which, fingers crossed, I have had no problems with. I take 2 tablets a day 12 hours apart so hope I am not tempting fate as I have only been on it for 3 weeks. When I was on aspirin last year (not for AF) I had a stomach bleed but still the Dr has recommended apixaban. He has put me on the lower dose, probably because of this, as the lowers dose is usually for over 80 years old. Have another chat with your Dr about your concerns and good luck with your decision.

  • I am on Apixaban. Have always had probs with minor nose bleeds. Still have these but no worse, In fact I bled and bruised far worse on Aspirin. Have had many cuts to hands whilst gardening on Apixaban and hardly bled at all. Just needed a plaster

  • Hi Joyce, I take the NOAC Rivaoxaban, two years in, no bleeding problems at all. I was worried about it too when I first started taking it but my fear of a stroke was greater.

    If your medical team thought you had a risk above the norm with it they would not have prescribed it to you.

    Its getting over first taking it which is hardest, you will get more confident over time.


  • Hi Joyce. I commenced RIvoroxaban 5 months ago and have never had a problem with bleeding. Even a cut finger does not bleed any more than it would normally do. Good luck.

  • I have been on Dabigatran for over 2 years now and funny enough the Doc is changing me to Apixaban today. I have been getting a lot of indigestion and headaches lately and to try and find out why' this is the first change he is making. If no change intends to change something else and so on. Lets hope it is this.

    From a bleeding point of view I have had no problems from several cuts and scrapes.

    Just stuck a plaster on them. Not had a nose bleed though.

  • I was on Warfarin and had bleeds,now on Rivaroxaban since August last year,no problems so far.Good luck Joyce.


  • I take Rivaroxaban with no problem at all.

  • Hi joyce, been on apixaban 13 months now. Have had no bleeds. I hardly bruise now. I was very nervous for a very long time, had no back up. Then I found this site, and learnt so much. My af does not give me any problems to speak of, I am one of the lucky ones. I am now making sure I get checked out. I now ask loads of questions of the doctor, unfortunately he cant answer most of them, but at least I making him aware. Dont know your age, but i am in my late sixties. Good luck.

  • Hi Joyce. I changed from warfarin to apixaban last year after struggling for months to stay within range. Like many who've responded to you, I haven't looked back, but the biggest benefit is not having to go to the surgery every few days for INR checks! Good luck

  • Hi Joyce. Been on apixaban since last October. No bleeds no bruising or any other side effects. It's been good. No fears. And taking it without thinking. Everyone will be different but definitely worth trying. X

  • On Apixaban for three months now. No problems at all. Just make sure you keep to the 12 hour interval between tabs. Take care

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