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A few months ago there was a post about Scenar treatment - possibly EngMac? Anyway I wondered how you got on with the treatment and if it was effective?

There was quite a comprehensive article in August edition of What the Doctors Don't Tell You and I was wondering about investigating and trying a couple of treatments for IBS, which I understand although off license, can be an effective treatment.

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Thank you CDreamer for this post. I sure wish more people were investigating Scenar. Maybe then we could find a layman's definitive treatment for AF and other health issues; or we could find doctors who have expertise in using Scenar. The website for the article is:

From my experience from chiropractor treatments with the Scenar Pro and my Denas PCM6, there is no doubt Scenar treatments produce positive results for many health issues. My wife uses it for aches and pains and headaches on a regular basis and is continually asking for that "thing". I have not checked into IBS but I suspect if you call Jimmy K at 503-395-4142 in Portland, Oregan, at the Denas Pain Relief Store, he will know. Leave a message if you don't hear a dial tone and the message will go to his email. He will return your call.

I have tried treatments for AF with some success but not elimination. I have not been able to get definitive guidance on an AF treatment. Jimmy K did get me one recommended treatment but with not a lot of detail. The treatments that I do know about definitely affect how the heart performs. I can very often stop an AF episode if I catch it as it starts. I was able to reduce the frequency of episodes and pretty much eliminated missed beats. Then life got int he way and I had not been continuing the treatments and the AF became more frequent again. So I am doing the treatments again.

I have learned that trying different treatments produces different results. Sometimes I can stop AF with the Scenar device, but not always. Many times all I need to do is pressure stroke the right side of my neck and stand up and the AF stops. There are so many programs and frequencies on the PCM6 that I have, it is a bit of a crap shoot as to which helps the most. The other challenge is to know how often a treatment should be done. I have tried stomach/bowel treatments with positive results. My mother, who is deaf, tried the ear treatment and she thought one treatment helped eliminate negative symptoms.

Sun Life insurance in Canada did pay for 80% of the cost of the Scenar device that I purchased.

As explained in the "What Doctors Don't Tell You" article, Scenar, in my opinion, definitely helps to treat many health issues. I definitely don't regret purchasing mine. There are many Scenar devices and each probably works in a slightly different way. Some are very expensive and require extensive training to use properly. Maybe this means they are more effective than the one that I purchased.


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