Migraine aura started tonight, a week after ablation?

I had this the day after my first ablation so was expecting it this time. However, it never happened but have just had it now a whole week after my 2nd ablation. Does anybody know if this is normal? It gave me a real fright in case it was a sign of something else. Only lasted about 10 minutes, thank goodness.

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  • Hello Blackcat......I had my first ablation almost 5 weeks ago and I was lucky enough not to experience any migraine. I am no expert, but I am sure I have seen posts suggesting migraines can happen for a few weeks after an ablation so maybe you should try not to worry. I am sure others with more knowledge will reply soon.

    Best wishes, John

  • yes bc123 I experienced aura's after both my procedures, fortunately on only isolated occasions and they lasted only a few seconds but happened for 3 weeks or so afterwards. So sounds normal to me.

  • Relax you are normal. Should pass after two to three weeks but we are all different.

  • Yeas it happened to me after my ablation.

  • Happened to me after my third ablation under general anaesthetic. Interestingly I didn't have this after my first two ablations that were carried out under sedation.


  • Thank you all for your replies. As I said I just found it strange that I was fine for a week and then it started. Anyway, I'm still alive to tell the tale today so I won't worry so much if it happens again! All going well with heart so far. Annoyingly though, I've picked up a horrible chest and head cold virus since I came home so feeling lousy with that. It's doing the rounds here so not surprising I didn't avoid it.


  • I had sedation and as you know had one but it certainly came on at least 3 days afterwards because after just under 72 hours I went back into AF. I think it was closer to a week.

    As for cold, etc issues it may partly be due to ablation!!! Mine was end of March. The Cath lab will probably be air conditioned and you will have been still for many hours (mine took 6.5 hours then 4 hour flat on back. In addition your body's natural defences take a knock under general anaesthetic or sedation and then some are diverted to heal.

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