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I have not been on the patients comments site for about a month


Has the presentation face of the posts changed? I cannot seem to view posts as of old.Has the site had a facelift?....Missing Bob,Beancounter and many of the others with their wisdom and wit.I am not a great whizz on the computer so guess something might have changed while I have been in hosp. following a trip in the garden which broke my hip.So glad it did not happen in Albania in the mountains which is where I was a year ago.

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Welcome back and sorry to hear about your fall.

Yes the face has changed. Additional features have been added. BobD, Beancounter and other regulars are still here.

You should still be able to get past posts - I can.


Still here, been on holiday.... But still smiling and here

Be well


Thanks Beancounter...and to PeterWh who replied.Your support is much apprec.While coming out of anathesia follow. hip replace I was told 'your heart went a bit fast while you were under'!! They knew of the AF but thought |I might like to know!

Was wondering where you were Ian. Good to see your smiling face on here again.



That was so kind of them. NOT! Sorry to hear of your fall. Nasty business but glad you are back . Take it easy now.


Hi Gingercats - I'm not receiving email notification of posts on this site anymore, so I think there must be some slight problem.


Jean. Check your settings as they may have reverted to default somewhere. I am getting daily bulletin ok and also quite a lot of emails re me posts and also replies to posts.

Hi Peter, have checked all my settings and they're all right, changed them to different ones and then changed back. Logged in and out of site, there's really nothing else I can do. Am using Windows 10, are you?

Yes computer is Windows 10 and phone is iPhone 5s iOS 9.3.4