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Self Management Programmes

I received a letter from my GP practice about a weekly, 6 week course in Self Management for long term, chronic conditions happening locally - so I signed up! I will let you know how I got on but wondered if anyone else had received this information from their GP and if not - perhaps some might be interested as AF can be also be chronic and quite debilitating - so here is the website

You need on ring them to see where the nearest course is being held and to register. Groups are 12 maximum and 3 hours/week for 6 weeks.


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I went on this course, or a similar one originating from the USA but provided by the NHS. I found it useful and came away with some useful strategies to help with living with a chronic and debilitating condition. Other participants had different conditions but the course was all encompassing. One of the important things I came away with was that you will always find people worse off than yourself - a very salutary lesson!!

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Thanks Annel, I think one of the things that happens is that you can start to feel a bit isolated, least I do sometimes as most of my friends are the fit, sporty types and just don't 'get' illness, especially the type you don't get better from. Just talking to others whose life is limited by illness I think can help and yes you are absolutely right about those worse off, certainly boots out the self-absorption!

Best wishes CD.


Thanks CDreamer that's interesting, particularly as we arrange regular farm visits ('Social Care Farming') in the South East for people with any additional need including long term chronic conditions. Lucky you have such a forward thinking GP practice. Look forward to hearing more.


They seem to be a very pro-active practice with an excellent record - recent quality care commission rates them as outstanding - so lucky - even if I wanted to move I would be very hesitant because of the cover we receive.

Are they just visits or do you have people working with you? Been meaning to ask for yonks - what sort of farm? By your handle guessing orchards?


Hopefully all practices will be similar in 10 years time otherwise we have a totally bankrupt NHS.

I am a one man band putting people onto all different farms across the South East to visit one day a week for a minimum of 12 weeks, doing regular farm jobs according to age, choice and ability under farmer supervision. It produces surprising improvements in wellbeing for all ages 9-90yo.


Oh well done you! I used to work in horticulture and headed up a training programs for a few years.

If I remember correctly, back in the 'bad/good' old days dependent upon your perspective, of residential care for disability of all kinds - horticulture played a very important therapeutic role. I know gardening, when I can, is my therapy but anything creative and gets you out and about and interacting with others so I'm no surprised you are getting such fantastic results.


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