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Placebo Effect

Since I just posted something about placebo, I thought I would update my Scenar experience. I have been trying this for a few weeks now; not always consistently. Nevertheless, I seem to have reduced my AF episodes. I can pretty much always stop irregular beats if I catch them early; and the other night, I was able to stop an AF episode that had started while I was sleeping. With Scenar there are many frequencies and treatments to try so it takes a while to find out what works for me. I am making enough progress that I am pleased with the results so far. I was having AF about once every two days and now I have only had AF twice in the last three weeks. And the missed beats are much more infrequent. Two of those weeks were spent traveling from Canada to vacation in France; and the last one was super stressful when I returned home. During these weeks, I was not going to the chiropractor. I was using my own device.

As an aside, we did use the Scenar for many other reasons. My wife uses it consistently to manage her headaches. She works and sits most of the time; so when we travel, her feet are a real problem. Scenar was her best friend. She used it on muscle aches as well. She used it far more than me. I even tried it to help my very skeptical brother-in-law with his physical pain issues. He is an avid French cyclist. Even though one treatment by me helped, even though I did not know the best treatment to use, he could not overcome his skepticism to try it again. Instead I got lots of criticism, not unlike some people on this forum. The screening mode is cool. I could pinpoint the exact location of his pain without him telling me. The brain can often block both positive and negative impacts. Now if we could learn to have it allow only the positive and not the negative. I think for AF sufferers (and maybe cyclists) this is a huge challenge. Chill, I am just kidding about cyclists.

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Sounds very interesting but what is a Scenar, please? Some kind of placebo?


I posted a few weeks ago about this. Search for Scenar and you could find it.


Your idea of placebo effect is a real thing with many aspects, but WHAT IS SCENAR (never heard of this) . If a patient believes the doctor cares about him and is going to help him that is one placebo effect. If you believe you can solve your health problem and you will be fine that is another placebo effect. So, all the placebo effects stimulate your body's natural healing ability. When you entertain these beliefs, the blood flow in your brain is not in the fear and panic area, but is in the more objective area---so this alone calms your heart. As for the mind turning off negative effects in the body, when you meditate, the blood flow in your brain can move away from the amygdala (panic area) to the executive function in the prefontal lobes (objective reason) which creates a calmer effect, When you are not experiencing pain or fear your heart function is more normal. These things also occur with quided imagery qi gong and with a Chinese healing energy practice called Tong Ren. The qi gong I studied was in nyc (MANTAK CHIAS METHODS taught by Masahero Ouchi's school), and at Plainsboro NJ center for health and relaxation healing. The Tong Ren was done by a practitioner in Plainsboro NJ, Ruth Golush; the only other practitioner in the USA that I am aware of who dos tong ren is the Teacher of this method in Massachsetts,Dr. Thomas Tang--he and his students have worked with oncology patients at a hospital in Boston-the idea being that the immune system survives chemo and the patient benefits. However I had Tong Ren applied to my left ventricle and mitral valve.

It sounds like a weird thing, but basically after a 1 hour qi gong class in which you have built up/directed energy in your body (all living things have a magnetic field-you are using this energy)--the teacher directs energy without touching you to the part of your body that is having a problem. You can feel this energy entering your body, like a small electrical charge.

After such a class and tong ren, my bp was always lower, ; and I once had this used to remove the pain and the soreness of an overworked ankle from a gym session. It sounds very weird , but is an actual healing methodology. (ancient Chinese medecine)


I am glad that you have found a method of controlling your AF episodes. However, we would always suggest discussing any new methods or treatments with your GP or consultant.


This I did with the chiropractor and my GP. Sun Life insurance in Canada pays 80% of the cost so there must be some proof of Scenar being effective for some health issues. Getting to see an EP specialist where I live is a year or more wait; so getting input from experts is a challenge. I did get input from Russian doctors and their experience shows Scenar can help AF. Scenar will not likely be promoted by western doctors or drug companies since there is not loads of money to be made. Since they will not promote it, most people will conclude it cannot help. I recently saw an advertisement of a similar but simpler device, sponsored by Aleve, that is said to help with back pain so maybe I am wrong about the future of Scenar. I will continue using Scenar since I have had a positive experience. Should anyone want more info, you can message me.


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