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Hi everyone, can any one tell me why I am still quite breathless when active please. Afib appears to be fairly controlled now, thank goodness. Only get the occasional flutter which I can live with. (Very gratefully). Ordinary activities like walking up incline, changing the bed or even walking upstairs if I forget and run up get me gasping. I am asthmatic so am used to breathlessness at times but before Afib I had to be far more active than I am now. My GP changed the original bisoprolol for a calcium channel blocker as he said I should feel better on that. I think I did for a time but now concerned in case it's gets any worse. However it's really great not to be constantly worried about Afib all the time

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Hi Barneysmum, that sounds like me, except I would never dare to run upstairs! I walk daily on a mountain where we live, so at least part of the walk is very uphill but by pacing myself, I can do it OK. I take a small dose of Bisoprolol (1.25mg) and Flecainide (also very gratefully) and was much less affected by exertion prior to having AF. I still do everything I used to do, just with more consideration of the amount and length of time involved - self pacing is my answer.

My EP said that any noticeable change of symptoms should be referred to a GP for checking out.

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Thanks vinvola, well I have slowed down a lot to what I am used to, so I guess I will have to be more careful



Exercise is very good for reducing AF and particularly the symptoms of AF. So I would very much continue with the exercise, it's doing you a lot of good. You should find the breathlessness reduces as you get fitter.


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