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New to propanol

Have been prescribed this beta blocker to help my palpitations and anxiety. just started taking this for anxiety Told to take 10mg 3 times a day and for the first few days just take 10mg twice a day. Have done so but today took a lunchtime dose so that I would have three doses today. Trouble is although it has bought my heart rate down I feel as though feel as though I have been hit with a sledgehammer . Dosnt seem to be doing anything much for palpitations. Am I expecting too much too soon and should I let my body get used used to this stuff. Not helped by the fact I take occasional doses of cinnazarine to help my vertigo and that makes me drowsy as well. Any ideas anyone.

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Hi Stephanietee - Sorry I have no experience of this drug, but think it is important that you discuss this with your GP as soon as you can.

If you are still feeling rough today and your surgery is closed another option would be to ring the out of hours duty doctor number. You should be able to get this by calling your GP surgery and a recording will advise you where to call. I once did this and was delighted to find it was my favourite GP who was on call.

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I have had years of experience with propranolol (inderal) at 20 mg's per day and never had any issues - my cardio also prescribed it as an extra pip (20 mg dose) for any breakthrough afib - my afib is paroxysmal occurring sporadically, usually in the early spring and fall and most often associated with gastric issues - it is difficult to say what impact the daily dosing of inderal has upon the overall afib but it's sort of a situation of if it ain't broke, don't fix it - my overall situation appears stable, I have infrequent bouts of afib and on those occasions when I do, the extra dose of inderal has never failed to stop it within 20-30 minutes - mind you, with the type of afib I have, it's difficult to say if it would stop regardless of the extra dose of inderal but in the meantime, that extra dose does begin almost immediately slowing the heart rate - inderal is also known to have anti-anxiety properties so for those who understandably have anxiety issues surrounding their afib, this is an extra bonus

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Thanks, really helpful


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