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Should I inform my GP?


Having made a private appointment to see the EP at my chosen hospital for further assessment/treatment, I haven't, as yet, informed my GP. Is it a good idea to let my GP know of the private appointment?

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Simple courtesy really. They may be put out but tough, it is your body an anyway they will find out eventually.

Yes because I am assuming that the consultant will write to your GP anyway so then best not to come as a bolt out of the blue. However you should check as to whether the consultant has to write.

If he doesn't have to write to go then the only problem is that GP doesn't have full knowledge of your medical aspects.

I went to see a consultant privately about my shoulder because the waiting time here in North Wales is 11 months. The next time I saw my GP he had a letter from the consultant on his computer. I did not know what this letter confirmed as I had not had a copy and frankly I was damned annoyed.

By contrast, all letters sent from my EP are copied to individual patients.

Do make sure that you are copied into any letters. As Bob says, it's your body and you need to know what's what.

Absolutely my view, always best to keep GP in the loop and onside......good luck, John

Yes - firstly out of courtesy and secondly, we need all the allies we can muster in dealing with AF and your GP will always have to be the first line of defence in the NHS. If the GP objects, change your GP.

Maggie, something else to consider. Hopefully, your EP will run through a number of treatment options which may involve procedures and/or changes to medication. If you want any procedures carried out on the NHS as opposed to privately, your EP will probably need approval from your GP in the form of a referral. Similarly, if he suggests any changes to your medication, I assume it will be your GP who prescribes the new medication.

If the GP is involved in the process it will make it more difficult to buck the recommendations suggested by the EP. Hope this helps.

Best wishes, John

My GP gave me copies of all relevant letters and tests to give to the EP. He seemed pleased that I had taken the necessary step.

Thank you so much for all your replies. I have to admit I have been a little nervous of telling my GP of my private appointment but (with all your advice) I now realise he has to be kept 'in the loop' if I'm to move forward with my treatment. I will be making an appointment to see him this morning!


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