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Atrial Fibrillation

I've had paf for a while and it started just before my 43rd birthday in May,

Over the years being a bodybuilder,I have suffered many painful injuries but paf has completely dominated and consumed my life,worrying if it's going to happen and not physically being able to sleep incase it starts again,as it predominately starts at night in my sleep or early morning,not being able to breathe through my nose and every breathe through my mouth feels like nothing,like I'm consuming no co2 whatsoever.

I'll be waiting 5 months for my first ablation in around November/December 2016.



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Hi Spear. Sorry for your upset. A lot of us have felt like this at one time or another. It's more the discomfort than the danger of AF a lot of the time. AF won't kill you, by itself.

When you say you can't breathe thru your nose, is that a physical problem with you.? Breathing thru the mouth is so easy to trigger hyperventilation which in turn can trigger AF, given that the AF disturbs the breathing in the first place. You try to gasp in and its like nothing is happening.

I hope you are on anticoagulants. ? I think you're fortunate to be put forward for ablation so quickly, not always the case, and hopefully it should help a lot. Bare in mind we sometimes need more than one to do the trick. I needed three before my AF was settled, so far, for 2 years now. Look upon it as a first step to the light.

Awful as it makes you feel, try not to panic and relax as much as you can when it hits.

Wish you well.



Hi Matt,

I too have very similar experiences as you. My AF always seems worse in the early hours of the morning, sometimes getting up and having to get ready to go to work is very difficult. Constantly having to stop and sit down because you feel so ill. The feeling of not being able to breathe properly can be quite scary I know. I'm seeing the consultant on Monday with regards to having an ablation too.

So fingers crossed for the both of us for successful treatments

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May also need to be checked for sleep apnea. This will aggravate Afib. Afib is very aggravating when it rears its ugly self. Very frustrating not to get a good nights sleep. I just had ablation for right side atrial flutter. And will have left side for afib in 3 months. Ablation for atrial flutter went very well. Wishing you the best with your ablation for afib later this year


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