Afib affects Glucose levels?

I've noticed when I'm in Afib my sugar levels go up and I can't seem to get them down.... From 80 - 150 then they go as high as 250 in Afib and can't get it to stay below 180..... As soon as I go out of Afib my glucose numbers drop another 80 points..... I wear a continuos glucose monitor so I know every 5 minutes even while sleeping what my glucose reading are. I use Kardia by AliveCor to determine my cardiac condition. Anyone else go this cycle or have this reaction?

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  • That's an interesting observation Larry. Although I'm not diabetic ( or pre ) I do measure my blood sugar levels at home from time to time ( hypochondriac ? Moi ?! ) I shall take a measurement next time I go Into AF out of interest.


  • I am diabetic and keep a close eye on my bg levels. I haven't tried taking it while in afib, but will do so next time. Very interesting point. What I have noticed is that when I get an infection, as I had a month ago, ( and it's kind of rumbled on ever since,) my bg goes high all the time. It's throwing my 'good' records all over the place!

  • Interesting.... I never thought of that connection..... All I know is for some unknown reason I had BG under great control and for no apparent reason away higher and unable to control like I was the last few months...... The Afib is for sure not helping.

  • Hi Larry, Glucose levels are affected by stress. When you are in AF your body is under stress, so I am not surprised that you are finding this. As an aside, I have a friend who is diabetic, and has AF, and has recently normalized her blood glucose by switching to a whole food plant based diet. Her physician is astounded and joyful that she was able to reverse her diabetes by taking animal products from her diet. Good luck to you.

  • Yes I also see great results with better nutrition. 8 months ago my a1c was 10.5 and now 7.4 and getting better every month....I eat 90% less meat.....amongst other lifestyle changes....

  • The one time I went to the emergency room before I had been properly diagnosed with afib (It took a few months of visiting a couple of different doctors before ECG was finally performed) my glucose level was tested and found to be fairly high (175). I started testing it regularly because the ER Doctor said high heart rate, syncope and general fatigue might be due to blood sugar imbalances and after a lot of finger pricking over the next few months eventually discovered that it shot up whenever I was experiencing tachycardia. My normal range is 80 to 125 even after meals. I think there is a link and that it must have something to do with the body frantically trying to provide energy to the heart during these episodes.

  • Since I wear a continuous glucose monitor it shows a definite link between sugar level and heart condition, which I can also graph with Kardia. Just yesterday I woke after 3 perfect days of BG control and NSR to an irregular pulse and Afib. My BG hovered all day around 190 even with 2 hours of walking..... Never dropped! Then at around midnight still at about 197 BG I thought let me walk some more. At that time my BG dropped about 10 points foe every 5 minutes down to 97! I checked my pulse in the middle of this excercise to see a rock steady pulse about 95 bpm. No Afib. Curiously when I asked my EP cardiologist he stated an opposite correlation. He said Afib would lower BG levels. I fully respect his training and credentials but clearly know what I see on my personal monitors. Woke this morning..... NSR BG at 100. As a mechanical engineer I would think a good pump circulating blood efficiently to all organs and muscles would put everything in good working order........

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