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Have PAF, 2 episodes in 7 mo, doc is just now asking that I get sleep apnea test. I understand sleep apnea can be a contributer to a fib but Im pretty sure I dont have it and dont want the expense of the test if its not really important. So asking for opinions. My spouse, who does have insomnia is awake alot while Im snoozing peacefully away. He says I have no episodes of stopping breathing or snoring, so Im thinking of saying no to this test but want input from others experiences. Thankyou. This forum is so helpful.

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  • Can or worms that. Yes SA can contribute to AF but it is not a cause. If you live in UK and are diagnosed then you have all the grief of telling DVLA and possibly having to stop driving until treated so up to you really. Remember if you are being treated by you GP that they are not experts in AF so see an EP for best advice.

  • Definitely go for it. Test costs very little and in any event the cost should not worry you.

    You may very well have mild SA but that won't matter because it does not affect your license although you will need to notify DVLA. I know a lot about this because I have mild SA.

    Where you are now with it having been raised is much more difficult because if you don't take the test the doctor should treat your case as if you have full blown SA and advise the DVLA in which case your licence will be taken away until all tests are completed and then you have to reapply for it.

    Only a small percentage of those with SA have licence revoked and then many get it back again.

  • I did not think I had SA but my cardio persisted and I had the test my ahi was 44 pretty severe I now use a cpap took a lot of getting used to but I persisted and now ahi is 0 and my AF has improved. Worth the test

  • I was found to have sa and now have a Cpap, which I got used to very quickly. My EP said categorically that in his experience, untreated sa resulted in return of AF in nearly all cases including those, like me who had had successful ablation X. So worth having that test.

  • Thank you all. Looks like I had better have this test and hope for no sa

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