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Taken off amiodarone about three weeks can't take anything for 2 more weeks feel great dose anybody else not take anything for there af as I managed it for over twenty years with nothing only the last 11years after doctors got wind of it was put on drugs I feel so much better now. My attacks last about a week and I feel terrible but as soon as I return to Sr feel fine just wandering if sould manage it like before with out drugs.

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  • Can you change to having something for just when you have an attack? Best of both worlds then ???

  • That sounds a good idear can you get such a thing and if so why arnt more people on it.

  • I've not done it but many on here do it so best if they give details.

  • I wonder if Kol is thinking of Pill In The Pocket. Our information sheet can be found here: When you say that you are not taking any medication, do you mean you are no longer taking anticoagulation therapy too?

  • Thanks for that Rachel. A lot of it, I'm afraid, was new to me, although I've been Pill-in-the-Pocketing with flecainide for two years. I've never been monitored in any way at all. I was on a high daily dose (300mgs) though for a while before I was able to give it up on a daily basis.

    It's good to hear, lotusvx, that you aren't taking amiodarone any more.

  • Was only on it for four weeks made me fill rough pain in kidney s bad taste in mouth not sleeping and bad sun light experience

  • It has a certain reputation. I think I once saw it described as the Domestos of antiarrhythmics

  • Seeing doctor tomorrow they want to try different drug going to ask about pill in pocket that seems better to me don't like taking pills unless you have to

  • I use Pill in the Pocket. I use Flecainide at the same dose I used when on it regularly. This is important. Too much is bad. Too litle does not work. In addition, my doctor said that since most people are on bisoprolol then the PIP for me included some bisoprolol -- again at the same dose it worked before.

    But, you have been on Amiodarone, which enhances the effect of PIP, therefore the doses are halved for 6-12 months. If on Warfarin, you will know when Amiodarone is out of your system when the warfarin dose returns to normal.

    Also, I have now developed a nuance. I take Flec when I notice irregularities building up more than normal. If I take nothing then I risk an irregular increased Heart Rate, which is rate fighting rhythm. So the cure is to treat the cause. This is usually related to anxiety.

    Sometimes after exercise the heart rate will not go down. In this case I take the rate controller.

    In both cases I take it promptly, crunching the pills with some water.

    So, with these details in hand, ask your doctor what is right for you.

  • Told flecanide is no good for me as was given 2 infusion of it in hospital did not work they want to put me back on bisoprio 25 mg a day.l

  • Same here with Flecanide, it actually gives me palpitations.

  • I think that you meant 2.5mg per day?

  • Yes sorry 2.5 mg was on 5 mg a day before amidaome for 1 year before that so tall for 10 year s with only 2 attacks of af in that time that's why I was surprised when they changed tablets.

  • There are alternatives to flec when doing PIP.. This is one reason we pay for doctors. Also, a good reason why even the knowledgeable among us need to check our reasoning first with a good doctor before making any major decisions.

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