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I am waiting for an ablation for an irregular heartbeat which is recorded when I monitor my Blood pressure. It shows itself in my being breathless when I try to exert my self. I cope by taking life slower and am very successful. My heart rate is at 80-100bpm but does not go over. I had a CV last month which put me in NSR for 5 days then went irregular again, and I hope the ablation will cure (fingers crossed). I can sometimes feel the irregularity but don`t worry as I know it will go away. I used to take Digoxin after a cardiologist recommended it to control my HR but I did not go back to this after the CV as I wanted to see if I could manage. After an initial wobble it has now settled. I am less breathless since stopping this so I am hoping to continue to my ablation. I hope that his will help anyone who worries as I am lucky that I don`t worry, whatever happens happens, it is out of my control and is better when relaxed.

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  • Good advice though not always so easily followed. Good luck with the ablation.

  • I have AF. I take Flec 2 x 50mg a day and have done for the past year. I too have a slow pulse (around 50) and although what I call my AF has gone (Horrendous palpitations), I still have an irregular heartbeat from time to time, which I am noticing most nights at the moment when I go to bed. I don't know if this is a bad thing or not to be honest. It's no where near as bad as having palpitations. When I monitor my BP when my heart is irregular it can either give hugely false high readings, or says Error, which is a little disconcerting! I probably need to get checked out to be honest.

  • I too have found that my irregular heartbeat generates high BP one minute but now I just take it again and it drops down. Although my GP is sceptical of this I am convinced. It is not unnoticed that after a CV they expect your BP to drop. This said I did not take my second BP medication before my procedure and yes, it did drop and I was not able to resume my second tablet until two weeks after CV.

    Don`t worry! I don`t and I am still here!!!!

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