Black 'n blue......but happy!

Mefinks Frank Tyson would have made a good EP!

Well, the experience of having my Cryoablation is now complete and I feel good! Arrived at St George's at sparrows fart......very early for our more refined readers. A charming young man escorted us patients to the ward were I was prepared for the mornings activity. Everything was done to ease any tensions with coffee and biscuits available for my wife, as the pre-procedure formalities were explained. So far, no desire to do a runner. My EP explained the procedure in much more detail by pointing out the risks to make sure that I proceeded with my eyes open.

Once gowned, three of us, all about to face different but similar procedures, walked down into one of the many cath labs clutching a pillow and blanket. The whole area was very impressive being full of amazing technology and manned and womaned by teams of very professional looking people. The EP positioned me onto the bed and within minutes I was out of it. I missed the tube down the throat routine but the local sedation began to wear off as the ablation procedure started. I knew nothing about the catheters passing through the veins, but I was very aware of the effects of the freezing procedure. It was weird, There was some discomfort which became quite unpleasant but it was the involuntary shivering that took me by surprise. I could hear calls for more morphine to help ease the discomfort and I was wrapped in something like a duvet and I could hear electric fans wacking out heat around my body. The next unpleasant experience was when I heard the word pacing, because this meant my body was going to receive a few jolts to get me back into rhythm. I would be less than honest if I didn't admit to being relieved when that part of the procedure was over. To some extent the exposure to some of this discomfort was my fault as I was told to make the EP aware if things were getting uncomfortable, but I could just hear Beancounter calling me a whuss if I had spoken out!

I was pleased when I heard the procedure was over and had been successful. I could not feel the catheters being removed but I could feel the pressure being applied to my right groin, hence being black an blue - but with no discomfort. By the time I reached the ward and met up with my wife, all the less pleasant issues I experienced during the procedure had disappeared. The recovery ward was excellent, very spacious and only six patients, great nursing staff and good food with plentiful supplies of tea and coffee.

I have since heard that the EP also ablated for some flutter at the same time so now it is wait and see time, and as Bob would say......nothing more energetic than pressing the buttons on the TV channel selector!


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  • I am glad everything went well, and thank you for sharing your experience. I hope that this will help to put other people's mind at ease when worrying about an ablation. I hope that you are recovering well, enjoy the R&R!

  • Good to hear from you!

    And glad too that all seems to have gone very well. I remember much less.

    As you know, it's time to take it easy and no lifting anything heavy. I discovered that after I'd been turfed out of my bed for someone else first thing the following morning and carried my suitcase about 30 yards... It didn't seem to have done any harm.

    All the best for a lazy recovery.

  • Great news.

    Only button pushing for the next week but that it only includes the TV but also your phone and your tablet (you're not allowed to use a PC I was told).

    Not much mor next week except a few gentle walks!!

  • Well done John. Make sure you are well looked after and rest plenty. Great tohear it went well.


  • Pleased to hear it all went well.

    Best wishes


  • Hey Whuss...

    Glad to hear things went well, take it easy for a few days...

    Be well


  • Hello John,

    So pleased to hear you are well. Don't forget you might feel all kinds of strange things but this is normal. Be kind to your heart for a couple of weeks but don't run your wife ragged!

    Best wishes


  • Pleased for you that it is all done with, and wish you a speedy recovery .

  • Thank you for taking the time to make a really comprehensive note of your operation, John. I had no idea there was so much involved to the procedure and it's very helpful to be provided with the whole experience. It doesn't sound as bad as the one I had in my head! Best wishes...Maggie

  • Thanks to everyone for your responses.....a good nights sleep and still feeling good so no more posts unless things wishes, John

  • Wondered how you were getting on, John. Glad everything went OK, albeit with some dodgy moments! Best wishes, Kay

  • Thanks very much Kay....dodgy moments have been erased from the memory! wishes, John

  • Glad to hear all went well, take it easy and watch the tennis. Got my 2nd ablation on 29th July, feeling apprehensive so nice to read your post but hoping to have a general anaesthetic as I did last time. Best wishes.


  • Just to let you know that I had my 2nd ablation on the 30/6/16 and had a full anaesthetic both times. Was fine for 3 days but went back into AF on the 4th day. I took a 50mg flacainide and half a 2mg of diazepam (1mg) and within half an hour was back in normal rhythm and feeling much better. Hope everything goes well for you.

  • Thanks Redders, and lets hope you stay that way. Prior to my ablation, I was taking 2 x 50mg Flecainide daily for around 4 months and that worked well for me. My EP wants me to continue with this until my first review which I assume will help maintain NSR and give the ablation time to get of luck, John

  • Hello Brenda, thanks for your response. I have been following your posts and know you have not had an easy time so lets all hope things start to improve for you after the 29th. Now that Ian has officially confirmed I'm a whuss, I can see why some folk opt for a general anaesthetic. Next time (if there is a next time) I would stay with sedation but will shout out for more dope should the need arise.....all the very best of luck for the 29th......John

  • John...... Glad everything went great for you! Relax and enjoy some rest " take pause for the cause ". 😃

    Geegee 🏃🏽

  • That works for me GeeGee!!

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