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A journey of writing when one gets bored in hospital waiting to go home

The reference to the wrist is my Mio Alpha pulse reader watch....extremely accurate.

Atrial Flutter is the diagnosis.

I hope you all enjoy it.

I have never ever written poetry in my life before this.

Here I am stuck in the hos

Have no control not being the bos

The heart is racing

I can't keep pacing

Can't find the doc

So I'm watching the clock

Oh wait! The docs arrived

I'll see what's contrived

They're sending me home

Like a lost garden gnome

The drums are still beating

I'm tired of just eating

I'd like to be running

With all systems humming

They said 'wait some more'

Your not leaving the door

My heart is Tachy

It's sending me whacky

The doc has relented

Which has sent me demented

They have passed the buck

And have said good luck

With a referral in place

There is no need to chase

I'm seeing the expert

With my rhythm to convert

He will set me straight

He will tell me, it's all good mate.

I visit the doc

At two o'clock

He begins to mutter

You've got Atrial Flutter

He prescribes a pill

So I don't feel ill

The rate will come down

So there's no need to frown

I take the script down

To the man in the town

He comes rushing over

To look me over

That many med

Not good for the head

I show him my wrist

He can now see the twist

That pulse is still stuck

Like it was hit by a truck

It has a mind of its own

That no-one can clone

When the time is up

I do not give up

It has five days to go

Before the next blow

I will lay on the bed

Whilst they connect a new thread

They'll turn on the power

At the turn of the hour

The jolt will be quick My head will feel thick

My pulse will be right

So I can sleep at night

(more to come)

4 Replies

Writing a rhyme helps use up the time

Confuses? Amuses! Much better than boozes

Let's hope that the flutter become a mere mutter

So you can run home feeling a huge amount better.


They will plug in the IV then do the CV

Your HR will fall

But not very far

In no time at all

You'll be in NSR



I like it Tebetian 36.What a positive way to deal with a worrying situation.


Thankyou 10gingercats! Everyone has a way of working through and dealing with situations. This I am finding out works well for me :)


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