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PAF Ablation tomorrow advice


hello all I have been diagnosed with paf since 2013 various medication over that time nothing appears to have worked, very nervous today. 8 months on a waiting list so its of to Derriford hosp under the care of dr Tomlinson and team, one of my main concerns is that I am a single parent to a 12 year old so really will be discharged home

will they let me be by myself. oh and any tips on what to take with me ........nick

thanks for reading.

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You have to lie still for about 4 hours after the ablation for your groin to settle. Arrange everything that you might need within easy reach. For me that would be a drinks bottle of water, lip salve, paper hankies, phone, radio, book / newspaper.

Prepare ready meals at home. You cannot drive for several days so preparation is key. I was fine once I arrived home but you need to rest, rest, rest. It takes 3 months for the heart to heal.

Good luck. Take it easy, stay calm. You will be fine.

badger03 in reply to jennydog

thank you it's all been noted.

PeterWh in reply to badger03

Nick. Water bottle needs to be sports type that you have to suck on (ie doesn't leak when you hold it upside down).

Also some hospitals are strict and will insist personified the person picking you up comes to the ward so that cold be a problem. That happened with me after my ablation.

Good luck.


HI Nick, You would normally need to be accompanied home and preferably not by public transport. When depends on at what time your procedure is done but often next morning. No driving of course for at least 48 hours and maybe longer. All this sort of thing should have been explained at your pre admission appointment. You will need to rest for a few days after the procedure. No lifting, no running about so your 12 year old will need to look after you for a day or two. It takes at least three months for the heart to fully heal post procedure and you may well have some funny turns in that period but again that should all have been explained.

We are here to calm you down at such times as we have all (well most of us) been there and even worn out the T shirt by now in some cases. (I've worn out three!)

You don't need my good luck as David Tomlinson is OK and will look after you well..

badger03 in reply to BobD

only had a pre admission appointment over the phone last week, two clinic appointments with Dr Tomlinson`s team in the last three years, lucky for me that I only live 2 miles from the hospital, due at the hospital 8am and have been told that the procedure is under a GA and stop taking my Af medication and just like to say stress appears not to tigger my Af.... thank you for your fast response ..nick


Normally I believe it's one night in hospital, but they thought I might have a slight infection in my groin wound, so I was kept in another night. It turned out to be nothing, but might be worth planning for more than one night. Maybe this is rare, I wouldn't know!

I obtained (from the chemist) some of the large padded, aerated dressings for the groin, so I could shower each day after and put a new, dry dressing on myself.

Legally, you can't drive afterwards for a while; not sure how long.

My ablation worked 100% and immediately, so I hope you get a similar result 🙂. It was no problem at all and I recovered very quickly.


I am the veteran of four ablations and the main point for me is dont let yourself be kidded that you are back to normal. After a few days you will feel OK but as BOB D has said in the past you have invisible wounds and you need to give them time to settle. I tried to go back to work on 12 hour shifts after 10 days and ended up nearly falling over after six hours. Good Luck, its not the worst experience you will have in your life.

I have an 11 year old by the way and he is completely blase about the whole thing. He knows his dad has a slightly wonky heart and just takes it for granted!

Good Luck Nick, rest, rest and rest some more afterwards. My cousin is a a and e doctor at Derriford, it's a good hospital. They will take great care of you.

I had mine last week and it was a lot less scary than I thought, have a read of my last post. This time last week it was almost over and I am feeling great a week on, still taking it easy though! Good luck and try not to worry


Hi Badger, You will be having your ablation on the one year anniversary of mine! I totally remember all the nervousness and have been reliving it today as I had my TEE on this date. I see everyone has chimed in with excellent advice so just let me add my well wishes for you for an easy ablation and return to NSR that last forever. And please, please allow yourself plenty of time to heal. Your heart needs it, so don't push yourself.

thank you all for your support I will keep you informed of my progress

As I understand it, Badger and I both had general anaesthetics rather than sedation. Mine was at 9 am and I was released from hospital at 3 pm the next day. I was told not to drive for 2 days and actually didn't attempt to do so for 4 days.

I had a 4 hour lie-in post-ablation. Liverpool use ultra sound to locate the veins in the groin. I had no bleeding and no bruising, just 2 little holes the size of ear ring piercings.

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