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Apixaban(Rivoroxaban) and pink pee!

I've been taking apixaban for about a month and have had 2 short lived episodes which appear to show blood in the urine. I saw the GP today and have been referred to the one stop urology clinic. They should see me within 2 wks. I'm not sure whether both episodes occurred after I started Apixaban - I was taking Rivoroxaban previously.

Just wondering if anyone else has had anything similar happen. Would be grateful for any comments or info.


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I haven't had any problems with Apixaban - hope all is OK with you


I just had a similar experience and have been diagnosed with a urinary infection. I am on the anti coagulant Pradaxa. Hope this helps and hope you get your answer soon. By the way, I was experiencing symptoms of stomach. pain .


Hi, I started rivaroxiban yesterday so was reading the consumer medicine information leaflet and it said it blood in urine to see your Doctor or go to A and E at nearest Hosp


It was only a little bit so didn't think A&E necessary. Have seen GP and been referred to hospital for tests. I'm hoping that its something to do with the Apixaban but doubt that will turn out to be the case.

Thanks for your reply.


My Dad had the same, but red rather than pink. He's going through a multitude of tests to eliminate all other possibilities but it seems likely that it's the Rivaroxaban. When he stopped taking it, bleeding stopped then it returned when he restarted the drug. Mum rang the manufacturer who basically said it's a known but rare side-effect.



Thanks for that. Gives me a bit of hope! I think the colour might depend on how dilute the pee is? I might ring the manufacturer of Apixaban.

Thanks for replying.


I had red urine about 2 weeks after starting Rivoroxaban. Went to the Urologist and had an ultrasound that determined I had a 8x10 mm stone in the mid-section of my kidney that was perhaps moving around and cutting into tissue causing the bleeding. It was not much bleeding but the Rivoroxaban probably made it seem worse. It cleared up after a couple of days and came back 3 months later for a few more days. That was 2 months ago. The kidney stone is not bothering me in any other way (yet) - so I am leaving it alone for now.


Thanks for that. Your symptoms are similar to mine. I'm terrified its bladder cancel of course (had chemo for breast cancer).

It doesn't mean mine isn't cancer but at least it makes the waiting a bit easier as ther seem to be possible alternatives.

This forum is great!


A cystoscopy will check for all that if your doctor can't find any trace of infection when he dips it. Not pleasant but easier for,you than me. I had so many at one time I could draw a picture of the inside of my bladder. (Mine was prostate cancer.)


Thought I would just do a quick update as I eventually got the results on my cystoscopy and CT scan yesterday. Both normal so bladder and kidneys fine.

However the scan picked up a small lesion in my liver so I now need an MRI scan to check that out. Most likely (according to GP) it will be nothing sinister. I have been referred to the private hospital in Bristol as I don't feel I can cope with any more delays and confusion and the few hundred pounds it will cost seems small in comparison to the frustration and worry I have had over the past few weeks.

I don't have a reason for the 'pink pee' but my theory is that I had mild cystitis and the Apixaban caused a small bleed.


I had to stop Apixaban and Riveroxaban as after 2 weeks in each case l developed symptoms of cystitis had it checked by the nurse and showed infection and blood in urine, had very strong antibiotics for the Apixaban then tried Riveroxaban same symptoms so stopped them immediately and symptoms disappeared.Was told it could have been a coincidence !!!!!!

However decided to go on Warfarin and side effects minimal. jo.


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