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Frustrated and fed up

After few trips to ae over past few weeks with my af lasting longer than 3 days (episodes progressing from few hours at beginning of af journey to days now) rang cardiologists secretary and left a message regarding time frame of when ill get my ablation. Still no word and now in af for 6 days and a break of only 6 hours in between episodes. I can cope with the heart beating like a train its the breathlessness and exhaustion when having an episode I cant cope with. Now ill have sleep and see what happens but might have to go to ae again. Got few days in York planned for next week and dont want to keep asking my fella to stop while I go to the loo or stop as I cant get my breath. He very understanding as been by my side throughout my heart journey but I hate what im putting him through. So onwards and upwards well upwards to bed for now x

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Sorry to hear that it is getting worse for you. Now that your episodes are lasting so long, I hope you are on an anticoagulant. Is it possible to just go to A & E and get cardioverted? Take care.


i think u should be get cardioverted

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Thanks everyone. Finally settled back into normal rhythm late Sunday morning. Rang and left another msg with cardiologists secretary. Next time im going straight to ae as cant do the pill in pocket myself and dont want another 3 day episode x


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