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Posting your email address - warning - think secure!

Just noticed that several people have posted their email address within threads - guys this is not a good idea on an open forum!

If you want to private message someone then there is the facility to do this through the forum - on the top bar you will see your name and profile pic - tap on this and a drop down list appears - press messages and you can just message the person you want and pass on personal detail without exposing yourself to spam and phishers.

Keep safe!

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Yes I flagged this up the moment the posts appeared. Scary or what!


Bob very scary, and I find it troubling when certain people keep promoting articles and products which they sell, without supervision. I know 1 post has been removed but the message doesn't seem to have got through - share ideas, experiences and theories by all means but where is the line?

This is a fantastic forum for honest and open debate and I have got such a lot out of it but I really don't like the way this I going!


Hi Bob do you mean my posts about the benefits of magnesium, probably not but just want to make sure!


I have no problem with discussion about the possible benefits of magnesium, I do have a problem with encouraging people to post their email address on line or the promotion of various books and products within the thread.

I would also point out that Dr Carolyn Dean - last time I checked - had her medical licence revoked in Canada in 1995 and after moving to the US - did not apply for a license to practice. Whilst many medical doctors believe in and write about the benefits of mineralisation, any and all drugs, supplements and foods will have risks and benefits which need to be balanced and both sides of a story told so that people may make an informed decision.

If people want to look at complementary nutrition and take magnesium and use supplements I would point them toward a qualified and supervised Naturapath for advice.

I am not anti magnesium, if you go back far enough - 2013-2014 I posted a lot about the possible benefits and then found that I have another condition which if I took magnesium, it could make me dangerously ill very quickly.

Just a personal opinion.


Her license was revoked only because she tried to offer her patients other holistic advice but I understand when people first read that it sounds suspect.

You are absolutely correct about safety which is why I asked anyone interested to email me directly.

My only interest is to offer people other options and I don't care where they get the magnesium! If they are concerned about dosage etc they should ask advice though in most cases it is well tolerated unless you have been advised otherwise.

The ebook on Atrial Fibrillation is completely free so I don't quite understand why that is a problem if it is offering information that may be of great use to sufferers of this condition.

I thought this forum was to help one another and share experience which I had hoped to do.


Did you read the findings of the case? Have you met her in person?

Her licence was revoked for not being objective, not performing sufficient examination of patients, and over billing and she did not defend herself, just left the country.

I understand she is now in Hawai charging $200 for a telephone/skype consultation.

Forgive me but I have been around long enough to be like Finvola - a cynic and question everything. If I have maligned your intent, I apologise.

But I want to be clear, I think there is a line and it seems to me that you are sailing very close to it.


I'm not promoting Carolyn Dean only the possibility that magnesium might be an option for some people. Can you be clear on the line I'm close to so I can understand where I have made a mistake.


I agree CDreamer - and, for information, if someone regrets posting their email address, it's easy for the poster to delete the post entirely.

This forum is great for help and advice from fellow travellers - I am very wary of any posts which appear to have an agenda, whether commercial or not.

But, then I'm a cynic . . . . .


You and I both and we have both been around on this forum to know the difference between discussion and promotion.




The stated aims of this forum are the support and education of people with AF. When new members join we try to help them understand the condition which they have and guide them in a safe way to understanding what they have and how they can seek and obtain the correct treatments. I have stated many many times that any supplement MUST be discussed with your medical team as some can interfere with medication or in some cases. (see above) cause collateral damage.

I take magnesium and have done for many years but I do not promote it since for others it may not be appropriate. I agree that some recent posts do seem to be more promotion than help for others but we are not a moderated forum.

Sadly although initiated by AF Association, members can join the forum without being members of that association and as such we have no knowledge of or control over who joins and what are their backgrounds. The use of "avatars" further diminishes any control we have over content as people can hide behind pseudonyms with impunity.

My comments regarding not posting private e mail addresses is just common sense and not aimed at anybody. There is a perfectly good messaging facility should people wish to make private contact. Putting private information out into cyberspace for any crook or nere-do-well to harness is just not sensible and to encourage that is equally unwise. As a retired bank fraud officer I can tell you that with utmost certainty.

As both CD and Finvola agree we have been around a long time and can tell the difference between genuine help and promotion and we only hope that other members are just as wise.



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