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Vagal Af?

Goid Morning everyone. 

When reading some of the latest posts in finding it very interesting about vagal Af. I've never taken much notice if this and still don't really understand it. My situation is that I do have a hernia...the type that disappears when I lie flat..I think that's a hiatus? Also I have had a gastric bypass and Af started afterwards . I'm quite sure all of my af epidodes have started after eating rubbish and eating fast and since starting my healthier diet I do feel better and only mini runs of 10 seconds of Af and my etopics are not as bad. 

So my question is do you think I have vagal af and us there anything else I can do to help if it is vagal...can I end episodes completely if I behave on my diet?

Sara x

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Hiatus hernia is when part of your stomach entrance pushes up into your esophagus ( better google that, I'm not sure). It causes bad acid reflux. The hernia you're talking about is different. Hh often goes with af. I have hh and I m certain my af is vagal. Losing weight is a very good idea! Cutting carbs, is also good. Glad your af is improving! Mine is too since I have been on a low carb high fat (yes really!) diet. JanR 

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Hi Sara,

Short answer - yes !

Remedy, a much trickier challenge ! For me diet is key, but then, I don't mean diet as in a weight loss programme. I mean diet in the context of food awareness and this will be a constant 'work in progress', I've been doing this now for 6 years and have now achieved over a year without any recorded AF.

To start with I went gluten free and wheat free. I took a course of prescribed probiotics and kept a food diary. Then I picked the eyes out of the FODMAPS diet. Since then and about 16 months ago I had another health scare with a very high blood sugar count and I instantly cut out all added sugar from my diet. I guess the word 'diet' is wrongly used ... what I mean is feeding your body with good food that suits your body and doing it with care and love - you WILL only have this body once !

If you 'google' Vagal Nerve you will find schematic diagrams showing how this nerve wanders throughout the body. It really is wandering nerve but actually, it is a mechanism of the central nervous system which influences/governs the function of the heart AND digestive system.

My take on your last question is - yes ! but it isn't a quick fix, not quick at all and requires patience and dedication and you may even need to visit a Nutritionist for some professional advice. For goodness sake don't go to your GP, you need advice from someone who understands both food and how the digestive system works, especially the gut.

May the force be with you.



Hi booboo - the only person that can tell you is the Electrophysiologist

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If they believe in Vagal AF !!!!


I agree with carneuny around diet and explanation regarding the vagal nerve.  It's worth investigating whether yours is vagally driven.

Also  Buddje mentioned asking your electrophysiologist.  Mine is one of the very best in uk and a big contributor to the afa over the years.  He absolutely agrees with the vagal nerves impact on af.  

I trust him in all things arrhythmia based.  

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Eating 'well' can only be a good thing, what have you got to lose but your AF?


Thank you all for your great in depth answers. I am feeling so much better since cutting down...I am having mini minute runs of af still and etopics but nothing like trying to eat more slowly and foods that breakdown easily. I need to remember since my gastric bypass my stomach is supposed to be the size of a chicken egg...not an ostrich egg!!

Thanks x x 


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