I have noticed in all the postings I have read, nobody mentions a huge cause/trigger which is SLEEP APNEA! I had Afib 2 years before it was diagnosed as being not only most likely the cause but also affects all organs and has caused me to have memory loss from the brain being deprived of oxygen during your sleep. Stress is my biggest factor as I do not drink, smoke, caffiene or any other known stimulates. People get a sleep study!!! I was not breathing 30 times per hour and had no clue except my bp sometimes was up in the AM and otherwise fine. Im thinking WHY is bp up after sleeping??? It is caused by sleep apnea putting your body in "flight and Flight mode" panic in your sleep! Ask your Dr for a Sleep Study!

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  • It's a well known factor in AF - if you enter the term in the search box at the top right, you'll find many references to it.  The good news is that it can be treated and so help the AF.

  • There is so much on this within the forum. Why not try putting SA into the  search part.

  • I was very interested to read this as the way you put it made me take notice - even if something has been discussed before new alerts are always going to catch newer members, so thank you. 

  • Yes, I had no clue and my first cardiologist failed me by not a mention of anything as causes other than the basic ones. I did not fit into any of the risk factors. My mother and her mother both died in their sleep at ages 62 and 73. My mother was always clearing her throat and said there was a blob in it to clear. Wonder, hum, what was really going on? Apparently according to my new EP as he described the choking and all the damaging effects it has on your entire body....what really happened to them?

  • My EP referred me for a sleep study and I now use CPAP which has improved my QOL tremendously.  

    I wrote extensively about this 18 months ago, it has been discussed various threads.

  • Thank you for the info! My pressure setting is 9. I go back after A 30 day study. I was just disappointed the first cardiologist never even asked or mentioned SA to me. I never complained about my sleeping, to me just always seemed, I slept really hard and I would wake up feeling not so good. My first Cardiologist failed me.....🌚

  • Do you sleep on your back?  That's a prime cause of sleep apnea, though not the only one.  Try a different position, with your head turned 45* or more to the side.

  • No, actually I always sleep on my Left side, but, yes great suggestion. I do not even have but a slight snore I have been told. Believe I even tried stretching by neck out more since I found out. I am a fetal position sleeper. 

  • Sleeping on my left side causes the heart to skip beats or have some quick beats.  Sleeping on the left side can be an afib trigger for some people, as i understand it.

  • I have never heard that, wow, I will try my right side. 

  • But sleeping on your left side may not be a trigger for you.  I only avoid it because I sometimes get weird beats.  I love sleeping "left" so sometimes try it for a brief time!!  :-)

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