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AF episode confusion

I am still very new to all of this. I was diagnosed last year in May after a TIA and taking 5mg Apixaban and 4 mg Perindopril and until last week I didn't have any AF symptoms and I don't know if what I am experiencing now is an AF episode. Our first grandson was born last week and therefore I did have some excitement. My pulse is between 50 and 60. That hasn't changed but now and then I feel one strong heart beat and I have this odd feeling like being excited or even frightened, a very weird feeling. Is this what an episode feels like? I did have one very slight pain in my chest which lasted only a second. For an explanation and help I am very helpful. 

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Congratulations on your first grandchild - excitement and anticipation may be making themselves felt.  What you describe sounds to me like ectopics or premature beats which feel like a short pause followed by a great thump from the heart.  When you feel peculiar take your pulse and you should be able to detect them.  They can be quite unpleasant but are usually harmless and stop of their own accord.  Excitement or stress certainly brings them on with me.  If you search for ectopics, premature beats, PAC's or PVC's there are a lot of excellent explanations on the web.

Not sure about pain - that is always something to refer to a physician even if it is passing.

We are all different in our AF episodes but mine involved a high heart rate - 120-200, shortness of breath and low BP whereas ectopics feel like you have described.

Hope this helps.


I agree. sounds like ectopics to me as well.


Thank you very much. This is very helpful. Will read up on it. 


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