i have cardio myopia [big heart basically] and AF i cant seem to get my breath after the shortest walk though i feel OK sitting still?

i have cardio myopia [big heart basically] and AF i cant seem to get my breath after the shortest walk though i feel OK sitting still? Does anybody else suffer the same? lurching heart ect..? I am nervous about going for cardio-version next week!! :[

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  • My view is that you shouldn't be worried about he cardioversion. As I am sure you will know there are only two outcomes. Either you will stay in AF or you will be cardioverted to sinus rthythm. This will determine your treatment options going forward. If you are converted to NSR then an ablation is a realistic option. However how long you last in NSR can range from a few minutes to a few hours to a few days to a few weeks to some months and very rarely some years. Yes it is true that the longer you are in NSR after the CV the more chance your heart has to return to a more normal situation, especially with regard to size, valve regulation and operation, etc.

    In my case my EP had told me there he thought that there was no chance it would hold for any significant time. He had hoped that it would last a few weeks to allow some return towards normality. However in the event it lasted just over 24 hours.  However that put me on the ablation waiting list.

    Good luck. 

  • I've got a enlarged heart n was caidioverted last may not still nsr hehe fingers crossed it stops like that ☘☘☘☘

  • Thanks Peter!

  • I had dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) as well. Initially cardioversion didn't work. But 1 year later following drug treatment and a gentle cardiac rehab programme it did, though I needed additional drugs to keep me in NSR. Look at the Cardiomyopathy UK website for more information on dilated cardiomyopathy which is often accompanied by AF


  • i shall do that Lance thanks for the reply!

  • Same as you, enlarged heart, reduced left ventricle efficiency.could barely do anything without being out of breath.

     Had CV in January and touch wood still in NSR . 

    I was scared stiff about having a cardioversion but didn't need to be. No where near as bad an experience that I had built up in my head. Was home 2 hours after and felt great. Had some ( quite a lot) of ectopic beats for a few weeks afterwards.

    I hope your cv lasts as long as mine.

    Are you on bisoprolol by any chance? 

  • Ps, I'm walking 4 miles a day to work and back now 

  • WOW! Thats EXACTLY what mine is left ventricle efficiency...If i have a result like that ill be over the Moon i would love to be able to walk 40 yards at the moment im sure you understand and yes im on bisop. 5 mg

    Thanks Mike appreciate your input brother!

  • Yes, I have been lucky ,in some ways at least.

    The bisoprolol was really a problem for me, it may be causing some of your side effects. I know my ep would prefer me to be on it, but I had no quality of life.

    I wish you all the best with your journey. 

    Let me know how you get on 

  • Like you I have Hypertrophic Cardio Myopathy which kicked off my AF in September 2015. After 6 weeks of real breathlessness and being unable to walk I had the Electro cardioversion procedure.

    It was slick and painless but I didn't get an instant result. It took at least 3 days until the heart slowly recovered.

    Now, 6 months latter, I'm on anti coagulants (aren't we all) and 5mg bisoprolol. I was never thin but I have moved up one trouser size since the AF attack.

    I'm now back at work but still get very tired and breathless on mild exertion. Maybe this is my age (57).

    I would be interested to know what's been suggested for you as I think the added complication of HCM makes putting a "fix" in place more of a challenge .

  • Thanks O. ill let you know whats what when i get sorted! Thanks for the reply.

  • Yer 7.5 bisporal 

  • Please don't be scared of your cardio-version. I am also going in for my 4th on Monday so will think of you. I have had 2 ablations the last one 4 week ago and I have been put on amiodarone this time to help it stay in NSR. Good luck let us know how you are.


  • Cheers Abi..very comforting from you all good luck everyone in the bionic heart gang!! x

  • Hi Frank,

    I notice you haven't posted for a while - I do hope you are OK.

    It sounds like we have the same condition - even the same medication (7mg of Bisop). I'm just wondering how you are getting on.

  • Hi O.

    It still same although I have found eating high protein and food losing weight and gentle exercise has helped me...I am about to go for a presses men for an internal cardiovascular at basildon maybe that will end it..thanks for asking

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