Anyone developed Heart Failure from AF

I have permanent AF since 09, originally began in 03.

My Cardio now tells me that due to hearts continual quiver effect, high heart rate etc...I have developed Heart Failure, the rear wall of my heart has become stiff and will not allow my heart to rest. Has anyone experienced this? I am on Metoporol, Warfarin, sometimes Digoxin to reduce rate. Two TIA's due to AF. My quality of life is not good,extreme low energy. Cardio does not think abalation would be successful for me.

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  • Hi Kay

    Sending you lots of sympathy, although cannot help on any of your queries.

  • Hi Kay sympathy from me too but don;t know enough to comment.


  • Hi Kay, I'm fairly new to the site although been a member of AFA for a couple of years. I first visited my GP 40 years ago, (now 70), because of unexplained breathless bouts and palpitations. Had ECG and told it was what he would expect from someone in their 50's with coronary artery disease. Angiogram in 2011 showed there was nothing wrong with my coronary arteries. However for the past 40 years I have been regularly visiting my cardiologist. It was 25 years later before he discovered it was Paroxysmal AF. He tried various drugs but to no avail. I had a TIA in November 2000 and only then was started on warfarin. Still had PAF at this point but no mention of ablation. My cardio seemed to be more interested in doing Echocardiograms. About three years ago I was sent to see a "heart failure nurse" and this was the first I knew that I was in the early stages of heart failure caused by "dilated cardiomyopathy". I.e. the left atrium was now enlarged because of the AF and this is the reason for the heart failure. I have been in permanent AF now for some years and following the AFA patients day in 2011 it became apparent that I should be seeing an EP. My cardio referred me, but like you was told that it had been left too long and the chances of success are very low and risks fairly high. So I've decided to carry on without the ablation. I have some bad days when I just feel so tired and lethargic. However on the whole things are pretty good. I'm presently re-roofing one of the outbuildings on my farm, doing most of the work myself. I just get on with life and try to ignore the AF, when it lets me! I also have Left Bundle Branch Block which is a fault in the electrical system in the heart so my heart rate is always low, so I suppose that helps to mask the AF. (no racing heart rate like the majority). Sorry to go on so much, but I hope it helps. Walt.

  • Thanks Walt for all the info. I feel somewhat let down by my cardio as he is a EP specialist. He never warned me all these things could happen. I too try to make the best of it but struggle because the symptoms are never predictable and some days just a shower and dressing I am done in. I also have a small farm and work hard to keep living here independently. There are no AF groups in my area but have been a silent reader here for some time. Kay

  • I do sympathise with you so much. When I was diagnosed with AF two years ago, I believe I was already in heart failure as so poorly. The doctors in the UK are unfortunately not that good at dealing with it and I only saw a proper cardiologist when the verapamil they gave me made me even worse - it was six months later the diagnosis of left ventricular dysfunction because they could finally see on the echocardiogram. Now I have been diagnosed with a faulty mitral valve - nothing they will do for that. My quality of life is now awful and it is lucky I mainly work at my home office as I cannot do much else. Although saying that, I was not much better before as I have been ill since my son was born by caesarean (which is another story). There is only one set of useless GPs in our country town and a cardiology department in a hospital miles away with not much chance of seeing a qualified cardiologist. - but there is nothing you can do with the NHS system unless you want to pay (again) to find someone privately. At least the meds are keeping me going I suppose, as my grandmother died of heart failure at the same age I am now. I am pleased you can still do things and wish you all the best. I hope you have support from family and friends as I don't. I just want to shout at them some days what part of heart failure do you not understand. Sorry if I am hijacking your thread, but wanted to let you know you are not alone.

  • Hi, checking in to see how life is going for you. Have been having freezing temps here and that always leaves me breathless and more tired. Hope things are better for you. Kay

  • Sorry I have take a bit of time to reply. I know what you mean about the cold weather making you more breathless. Persistent rain here which is not too good either. I am coping but as you say exhausted and breathless all the time. I push myself to do everything as there is no other choice. How are you?

  • Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time. I thought that 'heart failure' was a blanket term to cover anyone whose heart wasn't functioning properly. In which case I have had it for 6 years. I have paroxysmal AF which has been improved by 2 ablations, and I will have a third this year. I'm on Bisoprolol and Warfarin, and did have Digoxin, which was useless for me. Yes, I do understand the fatigue. Exhaustion can suddenly wipe me out for a whole day.

    Any chance you could obtain a second opinion from another EP? Someone else might have an answer to your problem. Very best luck.

  • Hi Kay

    I had my first episode of Paroxysmal AF in 2006 and had several nights in my local hospital and in 2011, I started seeing an EP Nurse, who arranged for me to take Dronedarone, which does work for me. But at a later EP appointment, I was informed casually, as though I was supposed to know already, that my Heart Failure needed looking at again. That was the first I knew of my Heart Failure, although Raised BP has plagued me since 2000 but had some problems while having my daughter.

  • Yes I understand, how frustrating as if we are supposed to guess what our symptoms are.

    My BP as well as been creeping up over the last year. I have tried managing with diet. I forgot to mention yesterday that I also have to take 60mg of Torsemide daily as necessary diuretic.

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