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Pray today!

This morning in the US I woke to the news of the horrific terror attacks in Belgium. My heart is breaking for our world and for all who are suffering. Having been in New York during the 9/11 attacks I am aware of the fear and the anger.

I'm writing this to you my friends on this forum because I just can't wrap my head around why so much hate .

My fellow AFibbers, we show eachother so much love and compassion on this site everyday. We stand for eachother to face our fears and ask for help. We applaud eachother everyday for getting out of bed and pushing forward no matter how tired and breathless we feel. We may be only a small group in this world but i have to believe that we represent the majority who want to live in a peaceful world . Today, I ask you all to join me in prayer for all these who are suffering today, Gracey

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Thank you Gracey, for your post. I will join with you in praying for the people that are suffering. In your post two words stand out, love and compassion. I believe that if these two words were found in the heart of all mankind it would cure the sickness caused by hate. I am thankful for the good men and women that are in this forum, who reach out to help others. By sharing and caring we create the environment for love to prosper and each of us reap the benefits.


Much as I try to avoid political and religious topics on this forum if you are going to pray , please do so for the perpetrators and sick people who plan these attacks as they are the ones we really need to change and pity. Far too many wars fought in the name of religion!


I agree with Bob. Maybe also a little humility and acknowledge our own culpability in waging war in the middle east and creating conditions for the terrible anger to erupt.

My heart goes out to the people of Brussels.


So sorry for the awful tragedy that has happened, and am praying for recovery.


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