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I had an ablation 15 months ago and fortunately have been in NSR since then. Last night I had a delicious. Thai meal and a couple of glasses of wine, about 5 hours later my heart had a 'wobble' then calmed down however at 3:30 am I woke up sweating like mad and my heart racing 120 bpm. It took about 2 hrs to go back to my usual 70 something bpm and is ok now. Has anyone else experienced something like this. Needless it filled me with dread.

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  • The big question was was it fast and regular or all over the place. Atrial tachycardia is not uncommon for us post ablatees and I have had a few such incidents although in fairness much faster that 120 to start with. Mine often started around 200 and then slowed to 140 after an hour or so. Mine never stopped on their own so on four occasions in the last ten years I had to be cardioverted to stop them which is another good reason to stay on anticoags post ablation.

  • It was fast regular . Thank you for replying I didn't know that tachycardia was common in post ablatees, you've made me feel better.

  • I wouldn't say common but quite often. Do discuss with your medical team when next you see them and stay off Thai curry! MIne was last set off by rack of lamb and a nice merlot.

  • Ha ha another thing to eliminate.

  • Yes, I have had few runs of tachycardia, worst lasted about 12 hours. Every time it took about 2-3 days to settle HR back to my norm (65-70). Coffee seems to be the offender in my case and although I can have the occasional glass of wine, more than 2 also seems to be a trigger, although sometimes there is no trigger. The highest my HR goes is only about 130 so although I get breathless, I don't worry too much about it. I also am finding out that both the other condition I have and meds I take for it can cause arrythmia.

    Out of the pan and into the fire.........

  • Thank you, we're a 'rum lot' aren't we!

  • I have had that - now I eat earlier and less, no alcohol no coffee even decaff, no fizzy sweet drinks and it sounds strange but I particularly take precautions if I know its going to be a good night out (Vagus Nerve, relaxation, AF). Always stay up an hour extra when I get home.

    Do I still enjoy myself, yes.... remember its not the strongest that survives the longest but the one that can change.

  • Yes you're right

  • It was probably a normal reaction to your body doing something different. Could have been a reaction to some additive or eating at night or even the wine or an additive in the wine. I wouldn t read alarm into it. Even people without A fib get these reactions

  • Thank you

  • I've had a number of those too post-ablation. Seem to go with PIP. I'm certain that anxiety /panic has a huge part in this.

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