unusual left atrial appendage anatomy

Hi Everyone, I am pleased to say I have an appointment with my EP tomorrow at Derriford Hospital, I am just sorting copies of paperwork I have gathered along the road of my AF to take with me. One thing I am getting anxious about is when I had my Angiogram they discovered I have an unusual left atrial appendage anatomy as it seems to have a distal lobe/tip which curls back on itself. I think mine is called a chicken wing, there are other shapes one can get. I have been told it could be relevant to having an ablation. Has anyone else heard of this before? Also just writing my list of questions, has anyone any advice on questions for EP please which I can add to my list, many thanks for reading....Caroline

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  • Whilst I can't see how the shape of your LAA should affect how the ablation is done I can see that it could alter the stroke risk so I would ask your EP (David Tomlinson?) about that.

  • Thank you Bob, I will put that question on my list! Yes I am seeing Dr David Tomlinson, do you know him?

  • Not to call a friend but I met him at a conference a few years ago when he first went to Derriford. Seems a nice bloke.

  • Thanks Bob, I'm looking forward to meeting Dr Tomlinson....Caroline

  • I saw mr Guy Hayward with an oversized Left Atrium which didn't meet the criteria for a normal ablation. Instead I waited for a new procedure to come over from the States, called among other things, a Hybrid Procedure, consisting of 2 x ops, about 4 months apart, one from the outside ( surgical ablation, followed by catheter ablation ) . Been in NSR for nearly a year now!! Good luck

  • Thank you lastec1, must admit I didn't sleep well last night, very anxious about today, will feel better when we get to Derriford!....Caroline

  • Saw Dr Tomlinson over a year ago. He is the one EP I have met who really gave me time and explained everything. Unfortunately the hospital haven't budgeted for an AF nurse so he refered me back to my GP. But I have no doubt that if I have more problems he would see me and he gave me so much confidence, I would not hesitate to see him again. Mary

  • Thank you for your reply Mary, hope you are keeping well....Caroline

  • The chicken wing shape is the most common one - 48% of people have this. It also has the lowest stroke risk - so you're pretty luck there!

    See ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/228...

    for more details.


  • Thank you for the information and statistics Mark, that is reassuring....Caroline

  • Update....appointment went very well at Derriford today, I didn't see Dr Tomlinson I saw one of his team, the Dr was brilliant and very reassuring, Your right Bob, my appendage is not a problem for ablation but it looks like I will be taking anticoagulant long term. I have been put on the urgent list for an ablation and this could take anything up to 6 months as ablations are done once a week on a thursday, one patient in the morning and one in the afternoon. I feel so much better now I am moving forward with my AF journey, all was explained to me about ablation and since being a Member here I have learnt so much, so many thanks to you all for sharing your knowledge and experiences, it's such a comfort to know we are not alone. Healthy hugs to you all....Caroline xx

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