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Hybrid Ablation

After many unsuccessful attempts to be put back in Sinus Rhythm I have now been offered (subject to being an eligible patient) a Hybrid Ablation procedure. I have on receiving this news tried to gain more information (having yet to see the specialist) but the main focus is from the USA where I believe this procedure first came about. I am therefore seeking if any members of this forum and from the UK have had this procedure and more importantly felt before and afterwards?

Thank you


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Read the book on AF Associaton website about ablation where all types are covered.


Thank you, however it does not relate to personal experiences and If the procedure is generally successful.


A member called Lastec1 had one about a year ago, in the two stages, send him a message and maybe he will help.

Be well



Hallo, Yes I have had the hybrid ablation

I was originally due to have catheter ablation , probably in November. I was asked to go in and see the consultant in September as they were looking for people who were suitable for the new type of ablation. He had done 3 and I was due to be number 4. I wasn't keen , in fact I wasn't too keen about having any type of ablation.

I was diagnosed with AF five years ago and have been on Flecanide ever since . I have since developed flutter . Reading other peoples stories I don't think my AF is too bad, however it certainly hasn't improved since being diagnosed.

The consultant managed to persuade me that it was in my interest to have it done, so I decided to go ahead

I had the initial ablation via keyhole at the end of October. I felt awful for about two weeks and started to improve after three weeks which is when I had my first follow up.

I then had the catheter ablation just before Christmas and to be honest I didn't really feel any ill effects from this.

I have just had my third check up with the consultant and everything seems to be good. I don't have bad days and seem to be in SNR.

I not due to see the EP until May , I will also be seeing the consultant the same week. At present I would say go ahead, things seem okay for me but it is obviously early days.

I am still on my medication including Warfarin.

As you say there is little information on this apart from sites in USA,


Many thanks Robin and to you Ian.

Unfortunately after an MI in 2011, I developed AF which became very symptonmatic. Like yourself Robin I was not in favour of Ablation as it was explained that in my circumstance it would take at least 3 operations which as we all know the risk factor increases with each op.

I have indeed taken on board your comments Robin, especially apart from Ablation upto a couple of years ago nothing else was offered so there might be light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks again


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