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Hi everyone

I just want a bit of advice I started with paf after having pneumonia 5 years ago. I gave up alcohol as I found if I had a few drinks Friday and Saturday night I used to wake in the middle of the night with tachycardia then flip into af and then end up in Resus having Iv verapamil.

I then used to start just having a glass of wine in the day and I was ok with this. I found my triggers was dehydration caffeine and alcohol. I gave up alcohol when I got pregnant and after having my daughter ( now 2) haven't had a drink since as I darnt.

I haven't had an af episode for 3 years I'm on verapamil but don't always take it as I forget.

Would it be stupid to try a drink again ? And why can some people drink yet others it's a trigger.

I read an article on here regarding aspertame abs links with af I used to drink 4 cans of Diet Coke a day I wondered if this now caused my af and not the pneumonia.

Any advice would be great

Many thanks julie

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Hi Julie, If you find a trigger, then why risk setting things off again. You may be fine but what will you think if it rears up again.

Regarding what caused your AF I would say don't even go there. Chest infections can bring it on but really you need a predisposition to it and then maybe a trigger. Aspartame is not a nice chemical and blamed for lots of things but what is done is done and you can't change it. Chasing reasons isn't always very helpful in my opinion.

Be well.


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When first diagnosed i chased reasons and got same advice - why?

I tend to be analytical anyway , but reckon while it might help to find your trigger getting bogged searching will add to worries. I like good ale in good company - luckily the odd pint not seem to by my trigger and Ive only been told to cut back on things not cut out . Which is just as well as I still dont like the soft drink offerings . Seems my trigger is from within . I do though take care not to push it .


I was diagnosed with PAF in 2014 and decided to give up all alcohol along with other lifestyle changes. I am taking flecainide and bisoprolol. My last AF episode was 10 months ago, so something is working.

I really missed having a pint at my local pub and hated the alternatives (non alcoholic and sugar drinks) so I stopped going in. Holidays are also much less enjoyable nowadays. I think it was Bob who said, you won't live any longer by giving up alcohol, it will just feel that way.

My original intention was to give booze a rest for a while to see the effect and then perhaps go back to having an ocassional drink if and when the AF settles down. However, now I don't have any desire to start drinking alcohol again. I would much rather remain AF free.

It would be nice to be able to stop taking the flecainide and bisoprolol and this would be a higher priority for me.

Good luck with whatever decision you make Julie. Just be sure it is part of a plan which you control.

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Hi Julie, Bob and Craggy as usual offering quality advice. I would just add caution on going back to known triggers e.g. drinking, ask yourself first what has changed; it's too easy when feeling better to just do it and ask yourself later why. Secondly, lifestyle changes due to AF can have positive outcomes.


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