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for what it's worth

. I have an oxy/ pulse meter which I used when I suffered from COPD. About 18 months ago I noticed from the meter that my pulse was all over the place. This made me panic and I did feel a bit strange and could feel my heart beating a bit stronger than usual. So I went and saw a cardiologist. I had an ECG, echocardiograph and then I was put on heart pulse meter. I was diagnosed with afib, a condition that I never heard of. it made me very worried. I was put on amiodarone for a few months. I was not happy about the side-effects and the doctor took me off it and put me onto other medications to get my heartbeat down. I bought a special watch, which showed my heartbeat and blood pressure monitor which could indicate afib and was continually checking all three. I started worrying more and more every time my heartbeat went down to about 35 and up to about 120. At one time I was admitted to the ICU because I couldn't breathe. They could find nothing wrong with me and I saw about three or four different cardiologists, had angio CT scan and eventually a PCI angiogram. All results were negative and the doctors finally convinced me that my problem was excessive anxiety about my condition.

I stopped all medication, except valsartan, which I had been taking for many years for high blood pressure. I stopped taking my pulse and my afib meter. I also no longer wore my pulse watch..

It seems that most of my problems were psychosomatic, rather like when I had asthma as a kid. The more I worried about my condition, the worse it got. I have not seen a cardiologist and three months and when I did so, she noticed that the afib was no longer present. I do take my blood pressure every morning and evening and it is absolutely normal and my pulse seems pretty steady at about 60. I did make a post sometime back then I had lost most of my excessive weight because I've read that this was good for people with afib.

I saw my family Doctor who is also a friend. I told him what had happened and he confirmed that worry and stress cause most of the problems in our lives.

I have noticed a lot of posters on this forum are very worried about their condition, just like I was. I'm suggesting that they should probably worry a bit less and get on with their lives and they might feel a lot better. It has worked for me and it may work for some of you. good luck

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Thanks for posting Tony, good to be reminded. Enjoy your Sunday.


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