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Update on PIP Flecanide

Good Morning, after writing my post yesterday morning I went to work. I was reading my emails and then bang, my heart started thumping and bouncing around. I waited about an hour and then took 100mg flecanide and then 2 hours later had to take the other 100mg. All in all it took about 5 hours to get back into sinus rhythm, ready for my walk home. This took much longer than the 200mg that I was taking as pip previously.

I have found that the AF is much milder than before my ablation and I don't seem to get so out of breath and my pulse isn't as fast. Off to New York tomorrow so see how I go............

Have a good day :)

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Have a great time in New York. We went a few years back and thought it was just brilliant :-) .


Thanks Koll, we are all looking forward to it and hopefully see some snow :)


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